A Little Bit of French Hairstyle

Choosing different types of hairstyle can only bring you benefits, so we have to learn how to create fabulous braided or unbraided hairstyles which will make us stand out every single time. The last couple of weeks I tried a lot of hairstyles and I realized this made my days! There is no bad hair day for me! 😉

Maybe because this year I decided to change my blond color which I had for ages :))! I was so brave to leave my blond color behind 🙂 and went for orange!

Hence, you just need courage because you can do everything you want with your hair. So, you can look gorgeous and unique with two braided/unbraided pony tails like Brigitte’s:

I am sure that they will make wonders with my polka dots dress :P.

Or maybe a single pony tail?

She is also known for choucroute hairstyle, a “beehive that still epitomizes the sex kitten look“.

Well, actually my post is above a little bit of hairstyle and more about Brigitte, which I very most admire, not just because she is an animal rights activist, but because she is or was a symbol of beauty and fashion.

Well, in fashion she became famous for populating the Bardot neckline, which is  wide, slightly curved, usually folded over.

She was also the first actress to wear bikini in a movie (“The girl in the bikini” – 1952).

Also, I like that she chose to marry the French actor, Jacques Charrier, in a pink gingham dress, atypical demure gown for a wedding.


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of French Hairstyle

  1. Brigitte is a style icon, one of the women who changed fashion (as it is stated in the book A Matter of Style), so effortless chic, so French. I love all the hairstyles in the photos. Orange? Really? 🙂

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