“Beautiful Little Fools”

I watched today “The Great Gatsby” (1974 with Robert Redford/Jay Gatsby and Mia Farrow/Daisy Buchanan) for the second time. I have to say that I saw a brand new movie this time. It is not just the love story of a rich girl and a poor boy, the culture and time difference that lead to separation and drama, but it has history in it, America’s history, right before the Great Depression (the action takes place in 1922).

I have always wanted to attend a party in a low-waisted dress with fullness at the hemline, a matched headband, long pearls strand and to dance Charleston (or something close to that :D) just like in the 20s.  But it’s never too late for such a party, isn’t it?

However, I don’t think I would choose feathers for my headband as Tom’s girl from the city did.

I just adore the hats that Daisy and her friend, Jordan, wore during the movie. Actually, the 20s are well-known for their diversity in matter of hats because the designers sought inspiration from Egypt, China, Japan and Russia. Hence, women were wearing different types of hats like turbans, toques, kokoshniks .

What do you think about Daisy’s lavender hat?

In order to fit under the popular hats of 1920s, women “bobbed” or cut their hair short and this was considered a radical move at the beginning, but the 20s was the decade in which women first liberated themselves from constricting fashions and began to wear more comfortable and bold clothes.

I think this is the most glamorous look of Daisy of the movie. She is ravishing.

It seems like Ralph Lauren was the designer who created all men’s wardrobe in this movie and this brought  him a lot of fame.

I know you like the car, but what about Jay’s wardrobe? I have to say that the imagine of the actor, as Scott Fitzgerald would have wanted (a true gentleman), was very well underlined by Ralph Lauren’s clothes.

The pink costume is my favorite because it is unconventional and because emphasizes the difference between the old conventional aristocracy of the country’s richest families (Tom wears a light grey suit) and the  newly minted millionaires of the 20s (Jay Gatsby). “An Oxford man? Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit!” 😀


2 thoughts on ““Beautiful Little Fools”

  1. This is a good movie and the costumes are amazing. As much as I love watching and writing about women’s wardrobe in a movie, a man’s style is what intrigues me just as much. And Robert Redford is looking soooo good in The Great Gatsby. Ralph Lauren did a great job. I’ve always admired his work, his consistency and the way he’s been perfecting his own style. xo

  2. A good yet dramatic movie, but I really enjoyed it! I realized that the 20s is my favorite decade! The costume of Robert Redford/Ralph Lauren are a symbol of manhood and elegance at the same time. Glad you liked it :*

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