Moët & Chandon is  a French winery and a worldwide known champagne house, established in 1973 by Claude Moët. We can say that this is a royal champagne because the business with sparkling wine started with Madame de Pompadour, who supplied the Royal Court of King Louis XV with Moët champagne.

Also, in honor of Napoleon, Moët dedicated its Brut Imperial to him and nowadays, company holds a royal warrant to supply champagne to Elizabeth II.

Beside the sparkling wonder, I just love that since 2009,  Scarlett Johansson, one of my favorite actresses, has been the ambassador of Moët & Chandon. And I have wanted to share the advertising campaign even since January 2011, but I though that it will be more appreciated after a while, like the wine that gets better with age, wink.

What about this blue vintage gown and the red lipstick?

All the three visuals feature Johansson at Trianon, an impressive residence built by Jean-Rémy’s Moët on the Moët & Chandon Estate in France. The photos were taken by British photographer Tim Walker (source here and here).


One thought on “Sparkling

  1. Aww, Scarlett is gorgeous! My favourite capture is the one in the white dress, it recalls a grecian style gown. I feel the same about posting editorials after a while. That’s why I tend to dedicate so much space to older ones, not necessarily classic ones, but one, two decades old. xo

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