This is a post for women only (as if there are a lot of men reading my blog :D)! I warned you, you can not say afterward I did not …  I want to speak today about colors. Even with the fashion week here, with the new fall appearances and fashion designers’ new pieces of art, I did not have time for it, I was just too deep into the touch of green and red and wondered if red and yellow go together on the walls of my new house. But it is almost over. I have never thought it is so difficult! Believe me, the three times changing in the morning before deciding what to wear is such an insignificant thing! And I was not alone!

I decided to start with this beautiful Christina Murphy (source here) bedroom because after this last month, I decided to transform my blog into a home design blog ;)! Nooooo! Just kidding, wink.

After studying different options for the bedroom’s color, finally, I decided (well, not by myself):P to stick to a great love: green. My opinion, as a colors great “connoisseur”, not! is that there are two categories of green: yellow-green and  blue-green.  I was always more into blue-green/turquoise and trying to decide, all of a sudden I remembered to have read on Rachel’s blog  about the “mint”. Yeah, the mint! Insane beautiful color! It really draw my attention a couple of months ago in London when I could not decide what  Hunter  boots color to buy – eventually I choose  green  (a darker mint, wink) over red…

So, I decided to choose some mint outfits that I saw during the fashion week (I lied earlier about not having time for it :D).

Look what Carolina Herrera chose for the SS2012 collection! Just adore both the casual blouse and the scarf!And pay attention! I almost never wear blouses! I always preferred shirt and vest or knitwear dresses over blouses! (source here)

This Carolina Hererra’s dress is for me the example of beautiful simplicity and genuineness! (source here)

Diane von Furstenberg chose to match the mint shirt with light gray coat and mustard pants. Just perfect. I think Ada will love the snake clutch! 😉 (souce here)

Another Diane von Furstenberg outfit! I love the casual tank look!

Rochas sparkling gown! (source here)

Even if Lanvin had a thing for black, I found some beautiful colored and silky dresses. (source here)

But Chanel pieces of art could not miss! (source here)

Feathers, pearls belt and silvery with mint embroideries gown!OMG!

This coat looks so cozy and chic and the pearls replace the buttons! Isn’t this a miracle of Karl Lagerfeld!?

After a shallow look, I may say that Burberry SS 2012 was the best collection! But I will come back with other impressions now that the house is almost over :D!


Butterfly Effect

I am totally enchanted to have re-discovered a 2006 Fall Collection. Thanks to Little Rus that helped me find the designer of a lovely red dress, I decided to dedicate this post to Giorgio Armani’s 2006 Fall Collection and to surprise you by saying that the clothes are nothing without the accessories. You did not know that, did you? wink

Well, this is the one: crystal-embroider red dress Giorgio Armani that Maryna Linchuk was wearing in my last post. My God, isn’t that hat fabulous? Some may say: “Not at all!”

Why Giorgio Armani’s 2006 Fall Collection? Because there were some controversial opinions about it. Here, the Sartorialist said “Don’t get me wrong, Armani is still a master but it just doesn’t speak to that young customer“.

But I say: “Hell, I’m not in my early twenties anymore, so a little bit of ladylike look is just the thing I needwink.

(source here)

Other may say that this is more a royal family collection as opposed to the allure of the young generation and that the cocktail hats are strange and egregious, but I like them; they are delicate and feminine. Checkmate!

(source here)

I think this is why the designer chose a lot of butterfly jewels, to underline the feminine allure of his outfits.

(source here)

(source here)

And for you out there that have already read about my passion for polka dots it should not come as a surprise the fact that my favorite outfit is this one:

(source here)

(source here)

But when it comes to shoes and clutches, these incredible bead strap purple and black shoes and this quilted sheer clutch are the ones for me.

(source here)

(source here)

Little Red Dress

I have to accept that a little black dress in every girl’s wardrobe is necessary and yes, I know I did not say something new.  Even though I am not the biggest fan of the black, I do think that the outfit of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most stylish, classic and chic looks in the fashion world. Simple, but so indisputable beautiful that does not fade with the years (more about Audrey here).

Nonetheless, after having purchased my little black dress (NOT :P, but I have a green one, a purple one, etc), I  must get to the next level. And for me such level is the little red dress. Intense, strong and full of passion red!

I know you have already recognized the Alexander McQueen gown below.  The cream tulle top with black embroidery is one of his unique marks and matched with the Scottish detail gets more astonishing. Don’t you think?

This tulle Givenchy gown has its charm due to this simple but chic scarf (details here and here). And of course, the color is to die for… this is the red I was talking about.

What do you think about this Lanvin flounced tent dress from the Fall Collection 2006  (more details here). It is so girlish!

I found two more red dresses that I really like, but did not quite found the designer. Can anyone help me?

Inspired by this lovely editorial with Maryna Linchuk, originally published with Vogue Germany in October 2006.



Invest in one intense shade and be fabulous! The shade I like most is green.


Fancy a sheer Haute Hippie top?

How about a pair of Qupid high heels peep toe platforms to complete your outfit?

Would a gunmetal ring Kenneth Jay Lane be too matchy-matchy? No! Why? Because clothes and accessories in the same palette are fall’s newest thing.

Foley + Corinna handbag!

And the over the knee Topshop skirt that I was talking about yesterday! If you choose to wear separates, my suggestion is to maintain a tonal consistency so the body doesn’t appear to be cut in half!

New Obsession

Discovered on Friday, 2th of September.

Place: H&M

What? The suede fabric became instantly a new obsession. Check out this amazing suede dress (source here).

But it is not just me. Someone else chose this fine fabric for the Fall collection! Let me show you 😉

Emilio Pucci choose a pair of pants in an unusual color and a suede fabric. You already know that I am a huge fan of bright colors and the Fall and its brown and beige and gray can not stop me! So, I am totally in love with this fuchsia suede skinny pants, wide but tight on the waist. Because this Fall is about the multiple shape of pants, you just have to purchase your favorite type of pants and make it the outfit’s star! Aaaa, and don’t forget: the high heels are mandatory!

What about this suede khaki skirt? Its helm may be over the knees and the waist high, but the effect of this is still mesmerizing. If you decided to go for skirt and blouse or skirt and coat, try to maintain the same tone as Emilio Pucci did with this outfit.

Fall in Venice

In the morning I was thinking to write about a film that I saw more than 5 years ago, but because the sun has somehow vanished today and the film mentioned is a drama of a destitute woman, I had to cheer up with this post.

Actually, the idea came to me after seeing the pictures of the Sartorialist in Tokio and reading Ada’s blog today about a romantic city in Italy. And because I wanted so badly this year to see Venice and could not, I want to share a breathtaking editorial (source here) published by Vogue Girl Korea in August 2010.

Tanya Dziahileva  photographed by David Roemer!