New Obsession

Discovered on Friday, 2th of September.

Place: H&M

What? The suede fabric became instantly a new obsession. Check out this amazing suede dress (source here).

But it is not just me. Someone else chose this fine fabric for the Fall collection! Let me show you 😉

Emilio Pucci choose a pair of pants in an unusual color and a suede fabric. You already know that I am a huge fan of bright colors and the Fall and its brown and beige and gray can not stop me! So, I am totally in love with this fuchsia suede skinny pants, wide but tight on the waist. Because this Fall is about the multiple shape of pants, you just have to purchase your favorite type of pants and make it the outfit’s star! Aaaa, and don’t forget: the high heels are mandatory!

What about this suede khaki skirt? Its helm may be over the knees and the waist high, but the effect of this is still mesmerizing. If you decided to go for skirt and blouse or skirt and coat, try to maintain the same tone as Emilio Pucci did with this outfit.


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