Butterfly Effect

I am totally enchanted to have re-discovered a 2006 Fall Collection. Thanks to Little Rus that helped me find the designer of a lovely red dress, I decided to dedicate this post to Giorgio Armani’s 2006 Fall Collection and to surprise you by saying that the clothes are nothing without the accessories. You did not know that, did you? wink

Well, this is the one: crystal-embroider red dress Giorgio Armani that Maryna Linchuk was wearing in my last post. My God, isn’t that hat fabulous? Some may say: “Not at all!”

Why Giorgio Armani’s 2006 Fall Collection? Because there were some controversial opinions about it. Here, the Sartorialist said “Don’t get me wrong, Armani is still a master but it just doesn’t speak to that young customer“.

But I say: “Hell, I’m not in my early twenties anymore, so a little bit of ladylike look is just the thing I needwink.

(source here)

Other may say that this is more a royal family collection as opposed to the allure of the young generation and that the cocktail hats are strange and egregious, but I like them; they are delicate and feminine. Checkmate!

(source here)

I think this is why the designer chose a lot of butterfly jewels, to underline the feminine allure of his outfits.

(source here)

(source here)

And for you out there that have already read about my passion for polka dots it should not come as a surprise the fact that my favorite outfit is this one:

(source here)

(source here)

But when it comes to shoes and clutches, these incredible bead strap purple and black shoes and this quilted sheer clutch are the ones for me.

(source here)

(source here)


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Effect

  1. Oh my, those purple shoes with an ankle strap, they are gorgeous! A piece of jewelry. It’s so nice to see older beautiful collections and Giorgio Armani is a favourite of mine. 🙂

  2. When I was very young, I always said that I’d love to wear Armani one day, I mean have wardrobe full of Armani. 🙂 Now I feel that they would not be the easiest things to wear unless I’m in my late 40s… Although Maryna did make that dress look incredible and playful. But the jewellery is so amazing! Every single piece you chose for the post is gorgeous. x

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