Start Wearing Purple













Did I tell you that my new bathroom is light pink with purple? I don’t think I did. Well, me and purple we have a long history together. And I could not resist, the combination was just too perfect and now, I am so pleased with the design and everything. Well, I think the light pink is such an exquisite color, elegant and feminine and the contrast with dark purple is amazing.

I can’t stop looking at that Chanel dress in the second image, words can not describe what Karl Lagerfeld achieved by designing such a simple, yet elegant and amazing piece.

But enough with the Chanel’s reverie and let’s talk a little bit of Burberry  SS2012 collection! I think that this collection describes best the outfits that I like and are so close to my style: visually appealing being one of the characteristics of the clothes I want to purchase.

I was keen on the plain dresses or skirts (sometimes pleated, sometimes pencil, hemline below the knee) in rich colors; huge belts – the central accessory to underline the waist; colored gorgeous high wedges; huge vivid printed totes.

What about those original stripy hats?

Just beautiful!


One thought on “Start Wearing Purple

  1. A pink and purple bathroom… you’re giving me ideas. I wonder what my hubby would think. 🙂 These bathrooms are so beautiful. The Chanel collection was a dream. The simplicity of that dress is of a striking beauty.

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