Keep It Simple!

Keep it black and white!

I know it is autumn and I should speak about brownies,  new discovered tea flavor, rain and pumpkins. Well, I won’t! I decided to start a list about the things I like! So, here we go: I like white, I like black, polka dots and stripes (especially the first ones), I love extravagance (however, you won’t see me getting the garbage out of the house in such a glamorous style as in the first images), I like interesting stockings to match my interesting shoes, I love summer most of all and I am pretty sure that I love bicycles! (source: here, here, here and here)


One thought on “Keep It Simple!

  1. I like dots and stripes, too. 🙂 And I adore that Vogue UK editorial (second photo) very much, especially a picture of her wrapped in a blanket and beautiful valentino bow shoes she wears. x

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