Yesterday I was reading about a girl that always wines giveaways…What a lucky girl, I thought! But today, surprise: I just won a pair of red Hunters Wellies (my second pair, wink)…do you remember that I was saying I could not decide which color of Hunters to buy this spring in London? And in the end I went for a dark gloss mint??? Well, actually my first option was red, because we all know that red is red! Yesss??? But because my clothes were more appropriate to mint, I said mint and did not look back because the color is sublime! Don’t you think?

But I think faith did not gave up on that first love, so a couple of weeks ago I found out that there is a contest and the winner becomes the owner of a beautiful pair of black or red Hunter Wellies. It was an instant decision: go for it! So,  I made some outfits (one of them was posted here: Mademoiselle) and did not lost my faith even though there were 200 outfits registered in the contest! And today I received an e-mail saying that one of my outfits was the lucky one: yeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy! The rain may come now :D!

You can see here my lucky outfit! I think they loved the Chanel and luxury words next to Hunter, wink. That’s why I neglected my blog! But for a good cause, right?! Can’t wait to wear my new red Hunter!


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