It’s Friday, the sun is up and it’s time for you to take a walk in the orchard and admire the chromatic of nature! Just amazing! Don’t tell me you are in a hurry! So, while walking in this mild sun with your favorite knitted blouse on, you can steal some apples and put it just next to your new spicy tea, discovered a couple of weeks ago (actually I had it for months, but during the summer, it just did not fit in the picture)! Oh, well, maybe you can add some vanilla, I won’t mind.

And after, on your way home, you can stop at the corner of the street and buy some colored flowers so that your house may enjoy the autumn as much as you. Well, you will have to deal with the curiosity of your cats that will probably overthrow your vase several times, but your patience is endless when it comes to those little hairy “creatures”, isn’t it?

What if the rain will catch you on your way home? Do not despair, just open your chic polka dots umbrella and enjoy it (I know it’s not a hot summer rain, but your cozy knit will help)!

Have a nice weekend!

Photos: 1- new discovered blog from Toronto; 2- here; 3 – just googling 😉; 4- recipes I love; 5- my future Hunters; 6 – isn’t that flower and the polka dots umbrella just fabulous?



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