So, how many prints is too much? I saw here a great look that comprises leopard, tweed and stripes prints. And I like it, it was not too much at all and I am sure the outfit’s beauty was totally underlined by the colors’ pallet Justyna chose.

I told you before that I am reluctant when it comes to prints. I like stripes and polka dots and wear such pieces, but sometimes I really want to go for an intriguing (not necessarily colorful) print!!!

What about this editorial?

Source: here – starring Charlotte T styled by Damian Foxe


3 thoughts on “Intriguing…

  1. The leopard, stripes and tweed look is so nice!Would I wear it? I don’t know, but I’ve learnt never to say never. But stripes and polka dots, that one is a classic. 🙂

    1. :))))))))))) Of course, one is enough for me too! However, that green outfit in the 4th picture is not that bad! Anyway, this is an editorial and had a sole goal: to astonish! Also, I think they wanted to tell us that we can choose from all those prints and match them with other demure pieces! The prints have no limit!

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