Ulyana Sergeenko

Known as a Russian photographer and present on the street style blogs, as you can see here

or here

Ulyana Sergeenko is also a designer and her debut with a fall/winter 2011/2012 collection was a hit! Inspired by the 50’s, she achieved a feminine vintage ladylike glamor look. The collection is presented on a retro floral background and the influence of the 50s is very well underlined: midi or maxi skirts, ample or very tight on the hips. Except for the intense red, Ulyana preferred calm and neutral colors for her collection. Ulyana described her clothes as a mix of Soviet Union Vogue during the 50s! Oh, yeh! What else may the combination of kerchief, transparent blouse, floral maxi skirt and orange lipstick suggest?

Models – Sasha Luss, Alina Krasina, Lena Lomkova and Nata Kor

You can see more of this collection on Vogue Russia! I really like the floral prints and how the waist is underlined in the whole collection! What I do not like so much are the ankle boots…hmmm, I think they are a little bit too ballooned for me.


3 thoughts on “Ulyana Sergeenko

  1. Ulyana is such a unique presence, she has a style all of her own. The sheer mohair pullover in the first image is gorgeous, although I think I would probably wear it with spaghetti strapped top. I have a few photos of her saved up trying to fit them into a post. Her debut collection is beautiful, elegant and retro, it represents her so well, but I hardly picture myself wearing a long dress or skirt, I can’t work them out. But that nude pullover-dress (I would wear it as a pullover of course) is fab! And the short white dress! 🙂

    1. I have the same problems with the long dresses or skirt, but I have in my mind an idea of a look that could go for a 1,62 cm tall girl like me : flat boots, high waist maxi skirt, a very tight blouse and a medium long fur vest! And on top, that Paddington tote I was talking in one of my post!

  2. This is funny. I left a comment on this post yesterday and it seems that an error must have occurred or something because now it’s gone…Anyway, I was admiring Ulyana’s unique style, she is such a lovely presence, always, and her debut collection is beautiful. I loved the short white dress and the nude pullover-dress worn as a dress so very very much.

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