Nineteen Forty Something…

Don’t you just love admiring really old editorials or covers of the famous magazines?! Cause I do! Can you imagine that there was life, I mean fashion life back in 1945 (let’s say)? Really? With the II WW and all, some people were really designing clothes and others photographing beautiful women?

Well, it seams that the answer is: of course! And another thing: do you see how much the nowadays fashion is inspired by back then fashion? Do you? Of course you do! We had a SS 2011 full of 70s! I posted yesterday a collection FW 2011/2012 full of 50s. So, our grandmas wore almost the same clothes as we do today. I said almost! Enjoy!

Vogue 1957











Vogue US 1942 and Vogue UK 1945  


Vogue 1945 – Oscar de la Renta


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