Just because…

  • I very much love Paris and I recently heard a story about the locks (well, it is a sad one, but I like to think that when you are on the Port des Arts and put a lock there, you are full of illusions and quite beautiful feelings);
  • I like Garance Dore (she is so virtual charismatic and her writing always make me laugh) and last but not least
  • I am totally a SATC fan!

I thought sharing with you today this rebel romance editorial is not such a bad idea. Yes, right in the middle of the week, wink!

Ok, ok, I admit it! I just could not resist these amazing gowns SJP is wearing in this Big&Carrie editorial!

So, in the first image, she wears an amazing Nina Ricci silk-satin dress and shoes (do you remember my mint obsession? well, this is a dream gown for me – Santa will totally be broke after he brings my gift! so if you have a wish-list for him, just forget about it :D) and Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière necklace.

The second is a Versace chiffon dress matched with Manolo Blahnik heels – Carrie’s obsession and this reminds me of the party where she had to leave her Manolo sandals at the door and somebody stole them.

Lanvin banded washed-silk evening dress and gloves in the third picture are not very bad!

And the last, but my second favorite after the mint Nina Ricci is this lovely burgundy Marchesa satin-organza dress (the pumps are Christian Louboutin). So, Santa, if you think that the mint gown is not for me, you can bring me the Marchesa, I won’t be too upset, just a little bit…


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