Long weekend sign out

Because tomorrow we celebrate our country’s national day, I have a long weekend in front of me. And I think I have to visit some shops because they are really missing me, but really, wink! And I badly want a burgundy dress!

And maybe a new hat! I have just discovered a Romanian hats producer! So, have a nice weekend and see you next week!

Behati Prinsloo – Vogue Turkey – February 2011


5 thoughts on “Long weekend sign out

    1. Hey, Ada! Yes, one of my friend told me about a store in Piata Romana, I did want to inform you properly, after visiting it ;)! I went there, did not find the perfect hat for me! They are made in Deva. It is not a very fancy shop, but maybe next visit will be luckier. They have those 20’s amazing hats!

    1. :)))) You know something? I love panama/fedora hats, too and I found one to look good on me, but in my heart I always wanted to wear those 20’s hats, chic and tight, but they just don’t work for me! I don’t know, the shape of my face, something…So, I hear you, sister :)))))))

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