Let it Wrap

It is almost here! Everybody is going crazy, the shops are full of people deciding what to buy for their lovers, family, friends…the traffic is horrible, oh, yes, now I feel the Christmas is near. Even the weather, after a foggy week, decided to become friendly today.

So, this weekend will be all about wrapping and ribbons and keeping the cats away from the tree. Maybe also about what dress to wear on Christmas eve.

Have a lovely weekend and some homemade sweet, wink!

And more Oscar de la Renta!


My Hat

I have already mentioned my admiration for the Great Gatsby and Daisy’s hats. I think I just put an end to my inner self search when speaking about hats: the 20’s are the best of.

Yeee, yeee, of course I still love that H&M burgundy hat (I eventually purchased one yesterday even though everybody has it, but it was on sale, what to do? wink), but my dream will come true when this type of hat is going to lay down in my closet. Where would I wear it? Well, I guess I’ll find a proper event for that precious!

So, below I present you Daisy Buchanan walking on Oscar de la Renta’s podium, wink!


Wish List

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Me? Well, I got connected with the world, I have now internet at home and even if I had decided several months ago not to use it (smart decision, ha?) because eight hours in the office are more than enough, tonight I just wanted to celebrate with a new post the new me, reborn from darkness, the age when words like  internet or blog were far from being invented, wink! To tell you the truth, I was happy without internet, I had more time for other in house activities: reading, cooking, yehhh, you heard me well, watching serials and teaching my cats to behave like disciplined young fellows!

So, here are some of my wish list items for this cold weather: polka dots stockings! Done! I found a burgundy pair at Zara and because my burgundy dress has not arrived yet, I said to prepare the stockings! Good decision, ha?

A new pair or green suede gloves! Astrid is wearing here a pair of sublime green leather gloves, I love leather, but I think suede is more elegant, more feminine and so soft!

Have a wonderful week!!!

Love for Fur

I have a new crush: fur hats. I truly believe that these Russian inspired hats are perfect for the winter days to come! Casual outfit if you chose Erika’s hat together with a pair of leggings, short knitted dress and short boots. I love her “easy breezy” look.

But if you want “divine elegance“, well, then Astrid’s dramatic fur hat is exactly the item you were looking for this winter. I know that one needs some courage to wear such a hat, plus your ears will still be cold, wink, but extravagance is not a bad think from time to time.


After a very long and calm weekend with no internet connection whatsoever, I am back to business, wink! Did not find my dream burgundy dress, but I am content with a new gray lace one! Don’t you think I gave up, I am just waiting for my dream dress to appear somehow…and it always does, we have to be patient, isn’t it?

And today I want to share this amazing yellow/mustard coat. Aren’t those sleeves perfect, so feminine and those embellished buttons just perfect!?