Love for Fur

I have a new crush: fur hats. I truly believe that these Russian inspired hats are perfect for the winter days to come! Casual outfit if you chose Erika’s hat together with a pair of leggings, short knitted dress and short boots. I love her “easy breezy” look.

But if you want “divine elegance“, well, then Astrid’s dramatic fur hat is exactly the item you were looking for this winter. I know that one needs some courage to wear such a hat, plus your ears will still be cold, wink, but extravagance is not a bad think from time to time.


3 thoughts on “Love for Fur

  1. The first one is fabulous! When I was little I used to admire my mother’s fur hats, but used to say I would never wear something like that. Well, I know have one resembling the hat in the second image here and love it. But the other two are so much more pretentious. I don’t rule them out, maybe on a certain occasion and with the proper outfit. 🙂

  2. Oh, you know, fur hats are the only fur item that I never ever liked to wear. I guess, it’s because I HAD to wear them in winter since my childhood (yeah, the life you have to live as a kid in Russia) 🙂 On the other hand, they always look very beautiful in fashion editorials. x

  3. Omg I really love all these fur hats..I want one of it but I really can’t find it..So 4 this reasons I think probably I’d like to make it customized by somebody specialized in this work. 😀 xoxo

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