Wish List

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Me? Well, I got connected with the world, I have now internet at home and even if I had decided several months ago not to use it (smart decision, ha?) because eight hours in the office are more than enough, tonight I just wanted to celebrate with a new post the new me, reborn from darkness, the age when words like  internet or blog were far from being invented, wink! To tell you the truth, I was happy without internet, I had more time for other in house activities: reading, cooking, yehhh, you heard me well, watching serials and teaching my cats to behave like disciplined young fellows!

So, here are some of my wish list items for this cold weather: polka dots stockings! Done! I found a burgundy pair at Zara and because my burgundy dress has not arrived yet, I said to prepare the stockings! Good decision, ha?

A new pair or green suede gloves! Astrid is wearing here a pair of sublime green leather gloves, I love leather, but I think suede is more elegant, more feminine and so soft!

Have a wonderful week!!!


3 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. I would love a pair of polka dot tights, too! So beautiful and sexy. And I like it how you buy the tights before the dress. 🙂 About my post – yes, it’s definitely one of my favourite Bottega dresses… you remember my summer post, don’t you? So sweet that you do. As for my eyes, they are sort of blue-green, but the colour changes depending on the light and the colour of my clothes. 🙂

  2. These photos are gorgeous! I always tend to prefer suede to leather, in shoes and gloves for example. I find it more elegant and feminine, as you said too. Maybe Santa will bring you that burgundy dress! 😉

  3. that top photo is fabulous!

    PS. Thank you for the birthday wishes for my daughter. The first Icelandic Santa gave her a puppy that makes cute puppy noises and he even snores. That “pet” will have to do until we one day find a house … with a garden for a hippo, apparently!

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