Healthy Foodie


I was never a big fan of healthy food, I always enjoyed fried fries and pasta, pizza, etc  and the sport was not on the top of my list  was always a fan of healthy food and sport, wink. So, trying to discover new and new recipes to transform my breakfast (which until one year ago, was full of omlette and butter)  into a day by day delight, I tried different things!

I know I’m not telling you something new, maybe some of you have already discovered this recipe, but I am loving the youghurt, cereals, honey, nuts and cinnamon combination! And tha da da da…it is healthy foodie! Sometimes I like to add a fruit like apple (you know: cinnamon and apple…yammy), sometimes bananas or pineapple (pineapple is by far my favorite fruit!)

I also enjoy the almond, Brazilian and macadamia nuts, but lately I heard that the nuts are the healthiest! Food for the brain, some say it!

And a bowl like this for breakfast is full of energy (less calories though), perfect for the Saturday morning when I go to gym (even for kangoo or spinning even though most of the times I choose pilates class that is lighter)!


One thought on “Healthy Foodie

  1. Well done for making these changes! Make sure that all the cereals you have are sugar free and try to eat as much organic produce as possible, especially dairy, eggs and meats. 🙂
    By the way, a 2-egg omelette with a little butter and rye toast followed by a fresh fruit or berries or an omelette made with some chopped vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, onions etc) is also a great idea for breakfast. Eggs are very good for you and they don’t affect cholesterol levels in healthy people, but give you important vitamins, minerals and best quality protein. 🙂

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