Dream Garden Contest

Do you remember I was telling you a couple of weeks ago about my dream vintage green dress? Well, I was lying! Ok, no, 50% lie, 50% true! Because I have already ordered the dress and the girls from Chotronette (very talented and full of wonderful ideas) will be sending it to me as soon as possible.

So, let’s have a glimpse of my future vintage green dress:

But today I wanted to speak about a little contest: Chotronette is giving away a beautiful flower print dress provided that you comply with the following conditions:

1. You have to be a fan of the facebook page Chotronette;

2. You have to post on the wall of Chotronette facebook page an image with the garden of your dreams;

3. You have to gather as many likes as you can;

4. You receive points if you have a profile image with Chotronette’s amazing dresses or if you post on your personal blog the contest (if you have any other contest promoting ideas except for profile image or personal blog, you can do it);

5. You can post only one dream garden image on Chotronette’s facebook page.

The contest will take place between 23-01-2012 and 23-02-2012.
And this is the floral print dress you can win:

Good luck!


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