Passion for Pearls!

Aren’t pearls a wonder of nature? Not only the way the pearls form themselves, but also the effects of them on any outfit! Me? I prefer long pearls necklace!

After writing this post, I (accidentally) watched (again) Woodie Allen’s movie, “You will meet a tall dark stranger” and tried today to find a photo with the scene when Greg (Antonio Banderas) ask her assistant (Sally) to decide between a pair of diamonds earrings (very expensive) and a pair of pearl earrings (less expensive, if we can say that 15.000 pounds is a minor expense). Sally goes for the diamonds and that is the moment when (I think) Sally dreams of a romance with her boss (maybe because of the amount of money spend for a pair of diamonds earrings, women!!!), due to its sensitiveness. But in the end, the diamonds go to Greg’s wife, the pearls to Greg’s new lover (Sally’s protegee and painter that exhibits her works in Greg’s gallery) and Sally decides to open her own gallery. Well, I didn’t intend to emphasize a conclusion after watching the movie, just wanted to underline the fact that I liked those pearl earrings very much and did not find a photo of them on the internet! Too bad!

 So, long pearl necklace and long pearl earrings for me, please!


5 thoughts on “Passion for Pearls!

  1. I am not a pearl-girl. I do have a classic style, but I have the impression that pearls look too classic on me. Does that make any sense? Well, that’s how I feel. I don’t wear jewelry too often, but when I do, if I don’t wear a statement necklace I wear my favourite necklace, a present from my parents, very thin gold necklace with a Swarovski crystal pendant which changes its colour depending on the light. I love that necklace so much! 🙂

  2. I just realized when reading this post that I am in fact a long pearl necklace girl and I had absolutely no idea!

    Thanks, now I’m dying to have one (two, three) and I won’t be able to get it off my mind anytime soon, haha

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