Waiting for the summer…

I really did envy the Melbourne weather yesterday! Didn’t you? Yes, I also watched the Australian Open  final and hoped for Rafa to win… What to do at -10 degrees? Stay indoors, read a good magazine and a fiction book, cook something with arugula (salad is not cooking?what? well, I did some pasta, too, but not for me! I eat healthy, still!), drink some hot spicy tea (with some homemade cheesecake aside, no!!!) and of course dreaming of my future holiday. So, because it is going to be on February, I decided to buy something not to freeze to death (except for the coat, of course)! And I choose again United Colors of Benetton (even though I was a little disappointed in the fall with the new collection, apparently they changed something and the winter knitted pieces are a delight! and so warm!)

I am still trying to win the contest and that floral print dress from Chotronette, so please those of you who have facebook, please click like here!


5 thoughts on “Waiting for the summer…

  1. I wanted Nadal to win too. I’ve been watching him since his semifinal with Federer at Roland Garros in 2005.

    Ah, a vacation sounds wonderful! Maybe Italy? 😉

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