Bye bye Garfield mood!

I am usually being a Garfield every Monday and start my week with “I hate Mondays” mood, but today was different, maybe because I read the article about Tom Ford posted by Lisa, maybe because the sun is up today, the snow is melting and we are almost there, 1st of March is so close or maybe due to the light banana muffin I had in the morning together with my coffee or maybe…sometimes there is no particular reason, you just feel la joie de vivre.

Here is something springish for you 🙂 even though we still see some snow here and there, wink!

Source: 1&3 Pinterest,2 Lookdiary,4 Holland flowers by me


Apfel Strudel – part I

This was my second trip to Vienna! Wait! First time, I was 12 years old and heading to France so my only recollection of it is the big circle also known as Prater, wink. So, actually last week was my first real meeting with our Central European’s neighbors and I have some things to say. Really?

I will start with the disappointment: I am still asking myself why are they so famous for their Apfel Strudel. I tried, believe me, several times, but nothing…no better taste than the usual apple pie you can find at the corner of your street.  Really, their Apfel Strudel is so overrated! So on my last day (before the departure), after visiting Belvedere Palace, I had to choose that purple cake above (Lisa) called Belvedere Torten (a mix of orange and marzipan) and it was…OMG, can not describe the taste. Well,  you know, you can buy me with a little bar or marzipan, what to say about such a marvelous cake? And I did not know about its color…

But and there is a big but, when visiting a very old and important Vienna place (more important that Hofburg or Schönbrunn), Iulius Meinl Delikatessen Shop and Cafe on Grabengasse, wink, I discovered the best sweets in the world,  i.e. the Florentines (white or dark chocolate with peanuts and crunchy caramel and they have almost my name, so we were meant to meet one day, don’t you think so?). But enough about sweets and back to diet!!! I promise that this is just my first post about Vienna because I have more (Klimt, Sissi, etc)!

One more thing: I have very much enjoyed the horse calashes (the horses were very well taken care of and the calashes  amazing)  and admiring them, I could imagine myself wearing a Sissi gown on my way to the ballet room.

To be continued!

Purple Daydreams

Hello, I’m LatteLisa covering for Florina today while she is in Vienna. I’m picturing her with a slice of Sacher Torte at some gorgeous café, looking out the window and admiring fashionable ladies and gentlemen who walk by and happen to be wearing something purple. Yes, our girl is quite a fan of purple, I think she would colour the world purple if she got the chance!
When she asked me to write a guest post the colour wasn’t even a question, so here is a little b&w and purple mood. By the way, that dress is from the Yves Saint Laurent AW 2010-11 Collection. Thanks for having me over Florina. It’s been years since I visited the wonderful Vienna. I hope you’re enjoying your stay and that you manage to squeeze in a moment to admire the paintings of Gustav Klimt.
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More Spring Thoughts

Hello! I’m Ada from Classiq and it is my pleasure to be guest blogging on fashionsensitive today while Florina is enjoying her Viennese vacation. I can imagine the beautiful photos and stories she will share when she comes back.

A little over a week from now marks the beginning of March, and spring. One more reason to welcome next month with all the excitement it brings: new beginnings, longer days, sun-filled mornings, an overall optimistic, feel-good mood. And there is one more thing that will brighten up my days: more stops at the flower market. Because, spring, like no other season, is the time to stop and smell the blossoming trees and the beautiful explosion of flowers that so often leave me speechless. I hope these images I’ve put together set up a romantic and enthusiastic tone for the following months. I wish you all a wonderful day!

Source: Kate Powers, Lizette Belle, Olivia Graham, Pinterest


Hello fashionsensitive readers! 🙂 My name is Natalia AKA LittleRus, a girl behind Fashioned by Love blog ( and today I’m guest posting for FashionSensitive to keep you company and have a girly chat while Florina is away.
Lets talk about spring today, shall we? It’s not too far away and, frankly, I cannot wait for my favorite season to come.
Spring is not just about longer days and fewer layers of clothing. It’s also about new beginnings and plenty of inspiration. That is why I chose this editorial from  the March issue of the InStyle magazine featuring some of the key pieces for the upcoming season. I definitely love the idea of a pastel blouse and something white as well as a neon dress should one ever call my name.
What about you? Have you got a list of your key pieces yet?

There is a new trend…in town!

Did you notice that everybody is wearing leather pants, fur vest and over the knee boots this season? So, a new uniform is in town! I like fur vest, I like over the knee boots, with the leather pants I do not have a particular love relation, wink! Originality is a girl’s best friend, yes? Well, some ladies just have to learn that! Not Miranda, of course!

I wish I could translate the entire article found today by a friend of mine for those of you who don’t speak Romanian , but I will translate just a part of it:

Women I cherish know by heart more painters than cosmetics brands and choose without hesitation a vintage shirt from a pile of rags. In addition to a fertile soil, beauty also needs a favorable climate. Beauty needs comfort, the feel of life, love received and given. Relaxation, not obligations. A program that includes job-pool-hall-tasteless lunch- beautician job-shopping-yoga is good for a professional athlete, so for a small percentage of the population. For the rest of the world, such program can be toxic and although it prepares you physically for the Esthetic Olympics of the Weekend, it surely pollutes your mind with lot of frustrations. The good things can happen  also from the play, the experiment and the experience, the poignet, as the French say it. Under the pressure of an accepted standard and draconian regime followed in order to reach such standard, you will achieve beautiful and sad asexual beauty, the beauty of a gymnast or a dancer, strictly valid on stage or in a contest, perishable and ultimately useless in a social context.”

Line between dream and reality

I wish I was wandering around with no target, no deadline, no clients, no snow, no responsibilities on an island! It is exactly that period of the year when you had enough! The Christmas and the delirious weeks before and after are long gone, the winter sports joy is also ending (seriously now, how much can a person sky?), so you just want the snowdrop to be here (even though my boots ordered from US did not arrive…)!

Do you think here is a good start for my sabatic year daydreaming inspiration? Yes, I knew it!

But cut off the daydreaming! Instead, I could imagine myself under a warm blanket, with a hot tea and doing what? Can you guess? I don’t think so! Knitting!!! Really (I myself surprised)?! Do not laugh! Hello, when I was a little girl long time ago, oh my God! not so long ago, I was almost the best girl in the knitting class.

Why that, some of you may be wondering…Well, just because I am sick of the acrylic drama and because I remembered I have some skills! I was looking for a warm long and wide scarf and did not find something to be really keen on, so why not!? Be with me, finger crossed to succeed!

Have a fabulous weekend! I am planning a spa escape!