Summer Getaway

I thought I should continue the week with other beautiful Spanish images! I have to be well documented for the summer to come!

Also, yesterday I was looking for the type of gown that for me is spectacular (don’t read: “I would always wear”, just spectacular) and I think I have the answer now: it is not the little black dress with simple and delicate lines, it is not the beige dress with sequins or other sparkling details (I know, I know there are other gown styles), it is the one above:

Do you remember the Monique Lhuillier green dress worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Golden Globes last year? Well, that was also a spectacular gown! You do not remember? Well, then you are getting old! Yehhh!

But let’s go back to the beautiful and lively Seville where the shooting of this August 2010 – Harper’s Bazaar US editorial with Jessica Stam took place.

I love these lace ankle shoes, so elegant and feminine, I have also seen them here, but in a different form! I have so much shoes, I can not buy another pair! Really! But they are so beautiful! Yes, they are, but you have no place to deposit! But I can buy another shoe closet! This is a good idea! I should do that! A visit to Ikea is already on my list! Problem solved! Noooooooo, don’t do it!!!

Is it me or in this amazing photo with the green outfit and pink flower, Jessica resembles Madonna? I like so much her hairstyle! Have to try it!

And for those of you living in Bucharest and if you have enjoyed (like me) the French autor Marjane Satrapi’s book, Persepolis, you can go this weekend to Bastilia Bookshop to receive a signature of the writer on your book. Details here!



2 thoughts on “Summer Getaway

  1. This is beautiful, I very much like the mood. I’m reading about Corsica right now but next in my book stack is Spain. A friend of mine visited Seville last year and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all your kind comments. I hope you get a chance to practise with your camera. That’s what it’s all about, practising!

  2. This editorial is beautiful and the first image simply stunning! I might have to post it myself. 😉 I would really love to visit Spain again, I’ve only been to Barcelona, but there are so many places I would love to see.
    Did you get to go to the Bastilia book signing? xo

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