Line between dream and reality

I wish I was wandering around with no target, no deadline, no clients, no snow, no responsibilities on an island! It is exactly that period of the year when you had enough! The Christmas and the delirious weeks before and after are long gone, the winter sports joy is also ending (seriously now, how much can a person sky?), so you just want the snowdrop to be here (even though my boots ordered from US did not arrive…)!

Do you think here is a good start for my sabatic year daydreaming inspiration? Yes, I knew it!

But cut off the daydreaming! Instead, I could imagine myself under a warm blanket, with a hot tea and doing what? Can you guess? I don’t think so! Knitting!!! Really (I myself surprised)?! Do not laugh! Hello, when I was a little girl long time ago, oh my God! not so long ago, I was almost the best girl in the knitting class.

Why that, some of you may be wondering…Well, just because I am sick of the acrylic drama and because I remembered I have some skills! I was looking for a warm long and wide scarf and did not find something to be really keen on, so why not!? Be with me, finger crossed to succeed!

Have a fabulous weekend! I am planning a spa escape!

One thought on “Line between dream and reality

  1. It’s wonderful that you know how to knit. I used to know when I was little, but I don’t anymore unfortunately. If I were you I would make myself some cozy, wool sweaters and scarves. Plus, you’d know for sure that nobody else has something the same. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend (if you were looking forward to another snow :)). xo

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