There is a new trend…in town!

Did you notice that everybody is wearing leather pants, fur vest and over the knee boots this season? So, a new uniform is in town! I like fur vest, I like over the knee boots, with the leather pants I do not have a particular love relation, wink! Originality is a girl’s best friend, yes? Well, some ladies just have to learn that! Not Miranda, of course!

I wish I could translate the entire article found today by a friend of mine for those of you who don’t speak Romanian , but I will translate just a part of it:

Women I cherish know by heart more painters than cosmetics brands and choose without hesitation a vintage shirt from a pile of rags. In addition to a fertile soil, beauty also needs a favorable climate. Beauty needs comfort, the feel of life, love received and given. Relaxation, not obligations. A program that includes job-pool-hall-tasteless lunch- beautician job-shopping-yoga is good for a professional athlete, so for a small percentage of the population. For the rest of the world, such program can be toxic and although it prepares you physically for the Esthetic Olympics of the Weekend, it surely pollutes your mind with lot of frustrations. The good things can happen  also from the play, the experiment and the experience, the poignet, as the French say it. Under the pressure of an accepted standard and draconian regime followed in order to reach such standard, you will achieve beautiful and sad asexual beauty, the beauty of a gymnast or a dancer, strictly valid on stage or in a contest, perishable and ultimately useless in a social context.”


One thought on “There is a new trend…in town!

  1. Beautifully written article – thanks for sharing it. As far as the leather trousers go… I like them on models and very slim girls because they have the right figure for it. A regular woman would most likely look… uhm… i’ll let you choose the word, but it’s definitely not “chic” or “stylish”…. 😉

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