Hello fashionsensitive readers! 🙂 My name is Natalia AKA LittleRus, a girl behind Fashioned by Love blog (http://fashionedbylove.blogspot.com) and today I’m guest posting for FashionSensitive to keep you company and have a girly chat while Florina is away.
Lets talk about spring today, shall we? It’s not too far away and, frankly, I cannot wait for my favorite season to come.
Spring is not just about longer days and fewer layers of clothing. It’s also about new beginnings and plenty of inspiration. That is why I chose this editorial from  the March issue of the InStyle magazine featuring some of the key pieces for the upcoming season. I definitely love the idea of a pastel blouse and something white as well as a neon dress should one ever call my name.
What about you? Have you got a list of your key pieces yet?

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Hello, Natalia. So nice to find you here. Something white is on my wish list every season and a pastel blouse is most definitely an item to look for this spring. But I can not stop dreaming about that absolutely gorgeous Burberry jumper. xo

  2. How nice to find you and Ada over here.

    I wouldn’t mind that chiffon blouse in the third photo. I like the trousers too but would like another colour.

    Off to check Ada’s guest post.

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