More Spring Thoughts

Hello! I’m Ada from Classiq and it is my pleasure to be guest blogging on fashionsensitive today while Florina is enjoying her Viennese vacation. I can imagine the beautiful photos and stories she will share when she comes back.

A little over a week from now marks the beginning of March, and spring. One more reason to welcome next month with all the excitement it brings: new beginnings, longer days, sun-filled mornings, an overall optimistic, feel-good mood. And there is one more thing that will brighten up my days: more stops at the flower market. Because, spring, like no other season, is the time to stop and smell the blossoming trees and the beautiful explosion of flowers that so often leave me speechless. I hope these images I’ve put together set up a romantic and enthusiastic tone for the following months. I wish you all a wonderful day!

Source: Kate Powers, Lizette Belle, Olivia Graham, Pinterest


5 thoughts on “More Spring Thoughts

  1. Hmm yes the approaching Spring lefts my mind wandering already too, I started my flower enjoying moments a few weeks ago when the tulips arrived. Beautiful images, I’m in love with the first one. That blue knit, the camel coat, the red hair, the flowers… sigh ❤
    Let's hope that Florina has a fabulous holiday!

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