Apfel Strudel – part I

This was my second trip to Vienna! Wait! First time, I was 12 years old and heading to France so my only recollection of it is the big circle also known as Prater, wink. So, actually last week was my first real meeting with our Central European’s neighbors and I have some things to say. Really?

I will start with the disappointment: I am still asking myself why are they so famous for their Apfel Strudel. I tried, believe me, several times, but nothing…no better taste than the usual apple pie you can find at the corner of your street.  Really, their Apfel Strudel is so overrated! So on my last day (before the departure), after visiting Belvedere Palace, I had to choose that purple cake above (Lisa) called Belvedere Torten (a mix of orange and marzipan) and it was…OMG, can not describe the taste. Well,  you know, you can buy me with a little bar or marzipan, what to say about such a marvelous cake? And I did not know about its color…

But and there is a big but, when visiting a very old and important Vienna place (more important that Hofburg or Schönbrunn), Iulius Meinl Delikatessen Shop and Cafe on Grabengasse, wink, I discovered the best sweets in the world,  i.e. the Florentines (white or dark chocolate with peanuts and crunchy caramel and they have almost my name, so we were meant to meet one day, don’t you think so?). But enough about sweets and back to diet!!! I promise that this is just my first post about Vienna because I have more (Klimt, Sissi, etc)!

One more thing: I have very much enjoyed the horse calashes (the horses were very well taken care of and the calashes  amazing)  and admiring them, I could imagine myself wearing a Sissi gown on my way to the ballet room.

To be continued!


4 thoughts on “Apfel Strudel – part I

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos, darling! By the way, LOVE your hair very much, both the cut and colour, looks absolutely beautiful.
    As for desserts… I do like strudel, but wouldn’t say that it makes to my top 5 or 10 favourite desserts :). However, that cake made me think of some famous torte I once saw a recipe for… I must dig it out from a huge pile or tear-outs and make some day soon.

  2. Beautiful photos, Florina! Well, I’ll have to try that strudel one day to tell you what I think about it. You would think they are the experts, right?
    PS: it was my pleasure to guest blog 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. This all looks so beautiful and brings back so many memories.

    Only you would eat a purple cake, hahahahaha. Love it!

    I’m looking forward to the next Vienna post already.

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