Where we belong

A very dear friend of mine with whom I shared the school seat/desktop even since I was 7 years old send me a very nice catalog that was shot in the county where I (and her) were born: Maramures. So, I am proud to present you a little bit of the atmosphere. When I was a child, this spirit was so well known to me and did not consider it important because I spend a lot of my summer holidays with my grandparents that were (still are) living in a quite traditional village, but now I kind of miss it.

I personally like the idea, even though I read here that the girl is “clearly out of place, too overdressed for her surroundings and five inches taller than the locals. Is she in a witness protection program? If so, it’s not a very good disguise. She also has a clone-looking friend (sister?) who shows up in some of the photos. Together, they both have the appearance of being genetically engineered, advanced human specimens.

I will also like to add a song that is very suggestive for me: R.E.M – We all go back to where we belong!

Source: Anthropologie catalog – September 2011



Of one thing I am sure: a person wearing a fuchsia outfit will always be remarked (in a good way or bad way, it depends on the rest of the outfit). But a woman in black or white, a white collar type? To tell you the truth, my neon color preference started also because of the dress code dictated by my first serious job, a law firm where if I dare to wear a jeans skirt and a white shirt outfit on a day that was not Friday, I was bitterly reproved.

So, fed up with the corporatist business look, I started adding some colors to my day by day outfit: a light purple skirt one day, a neon blue blouse another day, a pink shirt, etc and my outfit became wearable (from my point of view, of course). So, after almost two years and a wardrobe full of neon items, I realized that I miss black and white. And the black and white dress that I found here (but on a shorter version) it seamed like a very good idea.

Who’s wearing stripes and what accessories to such a black and white dress?

Source: Vogue Nippon

More time, please!

Wonderful weather these days, perfect for tennis. I had a lot of outdoor activities these last two weekends and tennis was one of them. Didn’t quite wear a YSL white dress, but it felt awesome! The text that was all over facebook last week is so true: “Let’s have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride stationery bicycles” (me included). So, I left the indoor spinning class on Saturday and played some tennis with my friends even if at the beginning the racket was not listening to me, eventually it became obedient.

I also attended my first class of photography, I only wish I could have more time for these classes: there are so many interesting new things to learn. But a friend of mine told me that the only thing standing between me and my passions is the bullshit story (about not having time) I keep telling to myself. True! She got me here, wink!

I was also happy that another friend of mine is opening her own business. Happy Monday!

Source: Harper’s Bazaar US April 2010




This week was all about black and white because lately I am trying to get a normal wardrobe and match somehow my rainbow craziness with items in black and white. I am becoming a mature person? Nehhh, I don’t think so, I will never leave the block colors team, but a break is indicated, highly recommended actually.

I always wanted to wear such a hat, but did not find proper event. Maybe when I’ll attend a royal wedding…wink! Source: Pinterest

What I liked about…

You know what I like most about Marni at H&M collection? The fact that they decided to go for so many prints and lovely polka dots, my favorite print. I am not a fan of H&M, at all! The low quality of the clothes is the main reason! I love my clothes and I like to think that some of them can accompany me more than one season, but H&M clothes do not have this quality. But Marni for H&M is something else: I irremediable fall in love with those black and blue polka dots coats, especially the long and black one!

Weekend sign out

I am truly, but truly waiting for this weekend! I’ll take my Ray Bans, my Canon and my flats (the weather forecast is of 20 C degrees) and just walk around on the streets, park, terraces! And also some tennis  because the spring is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Have a wonderful weekend!

Source: pinterest