Of one thing I am sure: a person wearing a fuchsia outfit will always be remarked (in a good way or bad way, it depends on the rest of the outfit). But a woman in black or white, a white collar type? To tell you the truth, my neon color preference started also because of the dress code dictated by my first serious job, a law firm where if I dare to wear a jeans skirt and a white shirt outfit on a day that was not Friday, I was bitterly reproved.

So, fed up with the corporatist business look, I started adding some colors to my day by day outfit: a light purple skirt one day, a neon blue blouse another day, a pink shirt, etc and my outfit became wearable (from my point of view, of course). So, after almost two years and a wardrobe full of neon items, I realized that I miss black and white. And the black and white dress that I found here (but on a shorter version) it seamed like a very good idea.

Who’s wearing stripes and what accessories to such a black and white dress?

Source: Vogue Nippon


3 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. Not only I love wearing stripes, but every season I can’t resist buying a few more striped items for my wardrobe. I would wear that dress, although in shorter length, with black ballet flats and some chunky, colourful bangles. xo

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