À la campagne…

Happy Wednesday! I could not help myself and decided to share another pink and purple post! But this time is more about how I would like my Easter table and surroundings to look like, not about clothes!

I could never imagine that an old vase would look so great when you choose the right flowers for it. Also, I have a crush on those vintage gaslights and on everything that has the same shape, so, of course, this table  draw my attention, it is so splendid even if the most important accessorize are the flowers and their colors. You know what I like even more? The simplicity of these beautiful places and the fact that one little accessorize can completely transform the place like those pink petals in the old fountain.

And last but not least, the dessert for Easter: I decided to bake my first carrot cake. After a decade, wink, of cheesecake, this year I want something else and the carrot cake seamed like the best choice. Don’t you think so?

Source: Pinterest



2 thoughts on “À la campagne…

  1. AWW so sweet words on my blog:) It really made my day to here you might buy a new bed for your back because of my post:) Its really the best thing you can do..many beds distroy peoples backs…but they dont understand that until its to late.
    This post is very DELISH..makes me wanna eat it all haha.
    Have a wonderful week and visit me soon:)

    LOVE M

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