Now this is why I want to live in Amsterdam or in a small town in Netherlands…kind of cold though, but if I can ride a bike on my way to work, dressed in a tulle skirt and have a basket full of flowers and cakes or maybe some butter croissants, I am happy to wear more layers. But until then, I’ll pay a visit to the market, buy some flowers for my home and admire my purple (of course) tulle skirt in the closet!

And speaking about dreams, I have another one: to visit Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi, Southern France, that was recently retraced and guests over 1000 works, pictures, lithographs, drawings, preparatory studies, including all 31 posters of the artist.

Do you have a dream town, city or place that you would really like to visit? I wish you a wonderful day and don’t forget: a girl is allowed to dream, wink!

Source: pinterest


4 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. That first image is gorgeous! It makes me even happier about my up-coming three-day weekend. And I would love to visit the Toulouse Lautrec Museum. 🙂 Happy Easter, Florina! xo

  2. OHHH this is so pretty and roamantic:) I write about much I love the romantic touch in my new post. I hope you will have a great sunday with lots of sun:)

    LOVE M

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