In my garden

I wish I had a lot of flowers in my garden. When you read garden, please think about wardrobe and when you read flowers think about dressesEven if we had some bad weather this Easter (a lot of rain, but warm enough for the flower print dresses and leggings), I was not unhappy. My mood is usually depending on the weather outside, but this time I did not care about the rain, I enjoyed my long and rainy weekend, wink.

I hope that all of you who celebrated Easter this last weekend had a marvelous time.

Source: 1 – You are my Fave, 2 – French by Design, 3 – Pinterest



2 thoughts on “In my garden

  1. OMG I LOVE this post…Im a lavender addict:) I hope you are ok and thank you for so sweet words on my blog:) Come back to vistit me soon…I have more swedish inspiration for you.
    LOVE Maria

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