I am very happy that one of my friends, young designer, is helping me with my mint dress for the college reunion I was (I think) telling you about. So, not only that she drew some sketches for me together with her teacher, but she is also helping me to find the perfect mint silk and have a splendid dress in the end…And I was speaking with her all morning about backless dresses and the perfect cut in order to match the shape of the back. “We are not all models, so I do not have a perfect back” I told her and she said: “Let me tell you something: skinny backs are not the best of, it depends on many other things, for example if you are a sportive person, than your back can be too wide or if you have wide hips, that the cut has to stop above your hips”.  So, what do you want to see when you are looking at a person wearing a backless dress? Or do you like backless dresses?

Have a lovely weekend! I’ll see you on Wednesday as I’m having a long weekend, we are celebrating in Romania the 1st of May – the Working Day (by not working, wink)!

Source: riches for rags


2 thoughts on “Backless

  1. Thank you for sweet words and yes you should come and visit Gothenburg, we can meet and talk about blogging and life in general:)

    I must tell you that your link fashionsensitive in my comments section sends me to and not to your blog You need to put in: if you want people to go straight to your beautiful blog 🙂 Just so you know 🙂
    Have a awsome weekend

    LOVE M

  2. A bare back is my favourite detail on an evening dress. I’ve always thought that my back is one of my best features, so this counts too. Your clothes must suit your body and personality. Can’t wait to see your custom-made dress! Enjoy your weekend! xo

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