This weekend will be about friendship. My girls have driven a long way to meet all here in Bucharest, so I can’t describe the joy of spending a couple of days together. I have not seen them since February when I flew to Vienna for a little reunion, wink! 

And I found a very nice quote that really comprises my thoughts about my two friends: “Even though we change and we’ve all found our place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or when the smile spreads across our face, we ‘ll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we’re not still be friends.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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I am totally a vintage bijoux fan. This one I found on Portobello Road in London and I was  tremendously happy. The color that this Instagram photo hides is green, a splendid green or how I like to call it, splendor of the grass.  At Sherlock Holmes Museum, I  also “bump into” some green earrings to match it, but they were really old and could not be fixed. I guess it is for the best as the two items together were too much.

Another reason to love vintage fairs: not only for discovering young and very talented Romanian designers. but to admire all kind of vintage jewels. So, who is in the mood for a vintage fair this weekend? Me, me, me!!!

Trademark: Louboutin vs YSL

Now this is a lawsuit that I will really love to work for, but really, really! Can you imagine how it would be to  represent Christian Louboutin against Yves Saint Laurent or vice versa? That will be the moment when I could  truly asses that I love to be a lawyer, a lawyer that defends shoes! My work would be much more fun, wink!

If you did not know, I am telling you: there is a “battle” between the two famous fashion houses because YSL have copied the label of Louboutin, his famous “red soles”. So, they are fighting for a color, for the red color? Well, apparently it is more than that and Louboutin told the French newspaper Libération: “I understand that, but it is a red in a specific context [in the way that], there is Ferrari red [and] Hermès orange. Even in the food industry, Cadbury recently won a lawsuit against Nestlé for using purple packaging. All this proves that the colours play a part in a brand’s identity. I’m not saying that red usually belongs to me – I repeat that this is about a precise red, used in a precise location.

Apart from my enthusiasm to work for a fashion house, I think this is a sad story. Louboutin himself mentioned that he had worked with Yves Saint Laurent and had great admiration for him and now the group PPR, who owns YSL, after making many proposals to buy Louboutin’s company in the past, all of which he turned down, unlawfully uses the trademark of the latter. What do you think?

I also wanted to tell you about Christian Louboutin Exhibition that opened yesterday, 1st of May, at the Design Museum in London. So, the lucky ones that live in London or tourists, you have the possibility to admire every stage of the design journey, “revealing how a shoe is constructed, from the initial drawing and first prototype through to production in the factory.

I like so much these drawings that I wanted to photograph them from Vogue Austria for you. I understand little of what they are saying, but I had to buy the magazine on my trip to Vienna, for the photos, of course!

Source: Design Museum, Vogue