Going military

It’s been such a journey these last 4 years and I do not even know if the idea of writing my thoughts here again is a good one. I tried to keep my facebook fashionsensitiveinlowlands page alive, easier to post an inspiring photo and a phrase than a real blog, which implies responsibility and tones of organization skills. Sometimes I miss this blog, but sometimes I feel it’s not offering me what I expected. I moved a lot, not only changed countries, but also jobs and my virtual spaces. I purchased a domain (.com) and I have been writing there until 2014, but meanwhile lost it in the périples of life.  But the other side of the coin is that I met so many new people in my non-virtual life and I grew so much. I think a lot has changed also from a fashion point of view, I am amazed how colors and clothes I would have never worn in the past are appealing to me now. And today it is about the utilitarian clothes and military green with a touch of interior design that I spotted at the ShowUP Fair close to Haarlem, the Netherlands. The red cross on the cushions reminds me of my previous job. I dared to share also the last picture even if Dutch summer is not going to come any time soon.

Source: 1 – Vogue US 2010; 2 – by me; 3 – HM Summer 2013 ad campaign