How is spring treating you these days? Here, the sun is lovely, I had half a day for outdoor activities and I enjoyed every ray of sunshine (a little bit of tan would not be that bad, wink). I love the lilac flower, not just the color, but the smell of the street where people have chosen lilac for their garden. This is a great idea for the front of the building where you live, don’t you think so?

The weather forecast is awful for today, storm and heavy rains, but until now it is perfect. If the rain comes, it’s ok with me, I am planning a bar theater night. Enjoy your day!

Source: 1- looks like a London house, 2 – bohemian sunshine, 3 – Elie Saab gown


The Lioness…

I was so glad to have discovered these photos! Would you fancy a visit on 31 Rue Cambon, Paris to see where the fashion diva of all times created “our legacy”?

Yes, Coco Chanel she was a lion and, some say, extremely superstitious because she had a lot of lucky statuette in her apartment.

I just love how she used the old French furniture with Japanese and Chinese decorations.

How about the rouge book shelf and the famous white chair? Grandiose!

And the Chanel no. 5 chandelier because she believed in the healing powers of crystal.

So, who’s buying a plane ticket to Paris, wink?

Source here


If I learned something after the new house decorating experiment is that the details are the most important and that it is better to go for neutral colors furniture and afterward, if you are a bold colors lover, you have the possibility to choose a lot of interesting little design pieces to transform your home into a cozy and personal one!

So, because my friend is just like me, all pink and green and orange and she is looking for a  new kitchen, I will dedicate my first interior design post to the colors in our life! And I found some interesting pieces, like that in the left corner  – a Ludovic XV commode, the light blue shelf with hanging coffee/tea cups of different shapes and colors just above and the simple, but very pinkish table below. And bonus – the good looking cupcakes (even if they are not my favorites sweets), their look is just too pretty!