Trademark: Louboutin vs YSL

Now this is a lawsuit that I will really love to work for, but really, really! Can you imagine how it would be to  represent Christian Louboutin against Yves Saint Laurent or vice versa? That will be the moment when I could  truly asses that I love to be a lawyer, a lawyer that defends shoes! My work would be much more fun, wink!

If you did not know, I am telling you: there is a “battle” between the two famous fashion houses because YSL have copied the label of Louboutin, his famous “red soles”. So, they are fighting for a color, for the red color? Well, apparently it is more than that and Louboutin told the French newspaper Libération: “I understand that, but it is a red in a specific context [in the way that], there is Ferrari red [and] Hermès orange. Even in the food industry, Cadbury recently won a lawsuit against Nestlé for using purple packaging. All this proves that the colours play a part in a brand’s identity. I’m not saying that red usually belongs to me – I repeat that this is about a precise red, used in a precise location.

Apart from my enthusiasm to work for a fashion house, I think this is a sad story. Louboutin himself mentioned that he had worked with Yves Saint Laurent and had great admiration for him and now the group PPR, who owns YSL, after making many proposals to buy Louboutin’s company in the past, all of which he turned down, unlawfully uses the trademark of the latter. What do you think?

I also wanted to tell you about Christian Louboutin Exhibition that opened yesterday, 1st of May, at the Design Museum in London. So, the lucky ones that live in London or tourists, you have the possibility to admire every stage of the design journey, “revealing how a shoe is constructed, from the initial drawing and first prototype through to production in the factory.

I like so much these drawings that I wanted to photograph them from Vogue Austria for you. I understand little of what they are saying, but I had to buy the magazine on my trip to Vienna, for the photos, of course!

Source: Design Museum, Vogue



I know everybody is fed up with the floral trousers of Olivia Palermo and her leopard shoes, but if we take only the trousers and match them with other shoes/sandals, I think is a marvelous idea, right? Looks who’s talking, the girl that almost never wears prints. I bought 3 pairs of trousers last week, no prints though :(. Maybe I have not found the perfect floral trousers yet. My favorite are Jessica’s trousers that I have already posted (this ones) and the last ones, photo with the lilac clutch.

Source: 1 – fashion finder, 2 – fashionista next door, 3 – the glitter guide, 4 – little bit of lilac


How is spring treating you these days? Here, the sun is lovely, I had half a day for outdoor activities and I enjoyed every ray of sunshine (a little bit of tan would not be that bad, wink). I love the lilac flower, not just the color, but the smell of the street where people have chosen lilac for their garden. This is a great idea for the front of the building where you live, don’t you think so?

The weather forecast is awful for today, storm and heavy rains, but until now it is perfect. If the rain comes, it’s ok with me, I am planning a bar theater night. Enjoy your day!

Source: 1- looks like a London house, 2 – bohemian sunshine, 3 – Elie Saab gown


What about stockings and open toe pump or sandals? There was a time when everybody was saying: “Never stockings and sandals!“. I am still one of those persons. But there’s no rule without exception, so if I were to wear such short  grey or beige or burgundy stockings (and I have a lot of them, I told you my obsession with Calzedonia, I even avoid now driving near the shop on my way to the office not to be tempted to stop) like Lily Cole and a crazy colored dress, having a coffee in Paris or Rome, wink, I would dare to have my sandals on, if not, no way! For example, I will never wear long classic black stockings with sandals. I chose this photo because it entirely represents my image of this combination. There is no other way, for me, of course, to use stockings with sandals. So, I am still a classic or just normal?

Source: pinterest – fashion tells a story

In my garden

I wish I had a lot of flowers in my garden. When you read garden, please think about wardrobe and when you read flowers think about dressesEven if we had some bad weather this Easter (a lot of rain, but warm enough for the flower print dresses and leggings), I was not unhappy. My mood is usually depending on the weather outside, but this time I did not care about the rain, I enjoyed my long and rainy weekend, wink.

I hope that all of you who celebrated Easter this last weekend had a marvelous time.

Source: 1 – You are my Fave, 2 – French by Design, 3 – Pinterest




























Now this is why I want to live in Amsterdam or in a small town in Netherlands…kind of cold though, but if I can ride a bike on my way to work, dressed in a tulle skirt and have a basket full of flowers and cakes or maybe some butter croissants, I am happy to wear more layers. But until then, I’ll pay a visit to the market, buy some flowers for my home and admire my purple (of course) tulle skirt in the closet!

And speaking about dreams, I have another one: to visit Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi, Southern France, that was recently retraced and guests over 1000 works, pictures, lithographs, drawings, preparatory studies, including all 31 posters of the artist.

Do you have a dream town, city or place that you would really like to visit? I wish you a wonderful day and don’t forget: a girl is allowed to dream, wink!

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