Where we belong

A very dear friend of mine with whom I shared the school seat/desktop even since I was 7 years old send me a very nice catalog that was shot in the county where I (and her) were born: Maramures. So, I am proud to present you a little bit of the atmosphere. When I was a child, this spirit was so well known to me and did not consider it important because I spend a lot of my summer holidays with my grandparents that were (still are) living in a quite traditional village, but now I kind of miss it.

I personally like the idea, even though I read here that the girl is “clearly out of place, too overdressed for her surroundings and five inches taller than the locals. Is she in a witness protection program? If so, it’s not a very good disguise. She also has a clone-looking friend (sister?) who shows up in some of the photos. Together, they both have the appearance of being genetically engineered, advanced human specimens.

I will also like to add a song that is very suggestive for me: R.E.M – We all go back to where we belong!

Source: Anthropologie catalog – September 2011


More time, please!

Wonderful weather these days, perfect for tennis. I had a lot of outdoor activities these last two weekends and tennis was one of them. Didn’t quite wear a YSL white dress, but it felt awesome! The text that was all over facebook last week is so true: “Let’s have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride stationery bicycles” (me included). So, I left the indoor spinning class on Saturday and played some tennis with my friends even if at the beginning the racket was not listening to me, eventually it became obedient.

I also attended my first class of photography, I only wish I could have more time for these classes: there are so many interesting new things to learn. But a friend of mine told me that the only thing standing between me and my passions is the bullshit story (about not having time) I keep telling to myself. True! She got me here, wink!

I was also happy that another friend of mine is opening her own business. Happy Monday!

Source: Harper’s Bazaar US April 2010



Royalty – Part II

I was not allowed to take photos in Hofburg, but when I entered Sissi’s apartments and saw these two gowns, part of Sissi’s trousseau, nobody could restrain me. When I was little I very much enjoyed watching movies presenting the 19th century outfits and I was telling my mother that I’ ll become the type of lady that always wears crinoline gowns. Right! Well, too bad that Kate met William before me, wink! But wait, not even the Duchess of Cambridge wears those crinolines!

Now a little bit of history and gossip about Elisabeth of Austria or Sissi. First of all, she was born Duchess of Bavaria but she was not the usual duchess as she had the chance to grew up far from the protocols of the court in a very unrestrained environment. This was due to her father, considered a very peculiar man, who always preferred the countryside rather than the court life. Thanks God we are living now in an era when being different is the best thing ever, and the word obedient is not in our dictionary anymore! I hope you can smell my sarcasm.  But back to Sissi: a shy and introverted child, “often skipped her lessons to go riding about the countryside“.

Therefore, when she was chosen to be Austria Emperor’s spouse, she had some difficulties in adapting to the Hofburg life and to all the responsibilities an empress has. Because of the above and also of her mother-in-law patronizing attitude, “the only quality for which she felt herself appreciated, and over which she had control, was her physical appearance, so she started cultivating this as the primary source of her self-esteem. Obsessively achievement-oriented and almost compulsively perfectionist in her attitudes, she became a slave to her own beauty and image.”

So, not only I had the opportunity to admire the two amazing gowns, but I  also found some interesting things about Sissi’s obsessions. In the porcelain area, I discovered a device used for squeezing the duck meat and  for her diet, Sissi was only drinking the… how should I call it? aaaa…”duck juice”? So long with the grapefruit juice in the morning, girls, wink! This is even more disturbing since at her death she was found to have suffered from starvation! Not only she was extremely drastic with her diet, but she had also a “vintage” gym room where she would exercise every morning. And it seams that every castle she lived in was equipped with a gym room. Can you imagine her gym costume?

In her youth Elisabeth followed the fashions of the age, which for many years were cage-crinolined hoop skirts. But when fashion began to change, she was at the forefront of abandoning the hoop skirt for a tighter and leaner silhouette. She disliked both expensive accoutrements and the protocol that dictated constant changes of clothing, preferring simple, monochromatic riding habit-like attire. She never wore petticoats or any other underlinen, as they added bulk, and was often literally sewn into her clothes, to bypass waistbands, creases and wrinkles and further emphasize the wasp waist that became her hallmark.

Source: 1 Hofburg entrance  by me, 2 City Hall by me, 3 St. Stephen’s Cathedral – photo taken right from our favorite cafe by me (I think), 4 Women with a scooter (by my bf), 5 Karlskirche build after the plague left the city by my bf, 6&7 Hofburg – Sissi’s apartments by me (incognito, not to be caught)



What a lovely morning: another snow during the night! But I will not accept it, no! The winter has to stop and make room for the spring. Until then, I will admire hundreds of flowers photos on your blogs! I don’t have a particular preference of flowers, all of them are amazing! But I love the smell of peony! And I am sure I will love the smell of these couture Dior dresses, too.

1&3 – Vogue, 2 – Pinterest

Bye bye Garfield mood!

I am usually being a Garfield every Monday and start my week with “I hate Mondays” mood, but today was different, maybe because I read the article about Tom Ford posted by Lisa, maybe because the sun is up today, the snow is melting and we are almost there, 1st of March is so close or maybe due to the light banana muffin I had in the morning together with my coffee or maybe…sometimes there is no particular reason, you just feel la joie de vivre.

Here is something springish for you 🙂 even though we still see some snow here and there, wink!

Source: 1&3 Pinterest,2 Lookdiary,4 Holland flowers by me

Apfel Strudel – part I

This was my second trip to Vienna! Wait! First time, I was 12 years old and heading to France so my only recollection of it is the big circle also known as Prater, wink. So, actually last week was my first real meeting with our Central European’s neighbors and I have some things to say. Really?

I will start with the disappointment: I am still asking myself why are they so famous for their Apfel Strudel. I tried, believe me, several times, but nothing…no better taste than the usual apple pie you can find at the corner of your street.  Really, their Apfel Strudel is so overrated! So on my last day (before the departure), after visiting Belvedere Palace, I had to choose that purple cake above (Lisa) called Belvedere Torten (a mix of orange and marzipan) and it was…OMG, can not describe the taste. Well,  you know, you can buy me with a little bar or marzipan, what to say about such a marvelous cake? And I did not know about its color…

But and there is a big but, when visiting a very old and important Vienna place (more important that Hofburg or Schönbrunn), Iulius Meinl Delikatessen Shop and Cafe on Grabengasse, wink, I discovered the best sweets in the world,  i.e. the Florentines (white or dark chocolate with peanuts and crunchy caramel and they have almost my name, so we were meant to meet one day, don’t you think so?). But enough about sweets and back to diet!!! I promise that this is just my first post about Vienna because I have more (Klimt, Sissi, etc)!

One more thing: I have very much enjoyed the horse calashes (the horses were very well taken care of and the calashes  amazing)  and admiring them, I could imagine myself wearing a Sissi gown on my way to the ballet room.

To be continued!