What about stockings and open toe pump or sandals? There was a time when everybody was saying: “Never stockings and sandals!“. I am still one of those persons. But there’s no rule without exception, so if I were to wear such short  grey or beige or burgundy stockings (and I have a lot of them, I told you my obsession with Calzedonia, I even avoid now driving near the shop on my way to the office not to be tempted to stop) like Lily Cole and a crazy colored dress, having a coffee in Paris or Rome, wink, I would dare to have my sandals on, if not, no way! For example, I will never wear long classic black stockings with sandals. I chose this photo because it entirely represents my image of this combination. There is no other way, for me, of course, to use stockings with sandals. So, I am still a classic or just normal?

Source: pinterest – fashion tells a story


A Splash of Green

I was never a fan of LV bags/handbags, really! Especially those tweed style and the brown with the LV beige brand on them! They were/are not my style, never. But today, clicking on every detail of LV show, I had to admit that a particular bag stole my heart forever. The color, the form, the leather, the white gloves, everything about this bag is amazing (maybe I would get rid of that flower)!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

I have three green bags at home, but each time I found something that I like, it has green on it! Well, for those of you who thought that purple is me, I am telling you: “You are so right! But a splash of green on dark purple makes wonders!” Have a wonderful weekend!

Source: vogue.com


I have decided to celebrate this day with Karl, Silvia (they are my friends so I can call them like that, wink) and Fendi! Good idea? Well, for me those ankle boots and those crazy fur colors, the tailoring of the coats and the interesting leggings, plus the plated or leather skirts/dresses are amazing! So, extravagance and yellow colors to “sunny up” our day, girls!

Source: vogue.com



When I saw this image of Jane from Sea of Shoes, I was sure that this is the autumn sublime mood for me! Not only that lace vintage dress of hers and that romantic flower coronet, but the fur vest is one of my favorite cold season piece!

So, in the second image is my attempt to somehow “re-make” her mademoiselle splendid look!

Here is the list of the pieces I choose: cotton lace dress by Chloe, Hunter boots, Lanvin clutch, Yves Saint Laurent gold plated ring; fur vest by Hockley, Isabel Marant long gloves, Monsoon wool hat.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Start Wearing Purple













Did I tell you that my new bathroom is light pink with purple? I don’t think I did. Well, me and purple we have a long history together. And I could not resist, the combination was just too perfect and now, I am so pleased with the design and everything. Well, I think the light pink is such an exquisite color, elegant and feminine and the contrast with dark purple is amazing.

I can’t stop looking at that Chanel dress in the second image, words can not describe what Karl Lagerfeld achieved by designing such a simple, yet elegant and amazing piece.

But enough with the Chanel’s reverie and let’s talk a little bit of Burberry  SS2012 collection! I think that this collection describes best the outfits that I like and are so close to my style: visually appealing being one of the characteristics of the clothes I want to purchase.

I was keen on the plain dresses or skirts (sometimes pleated, sometimes pencil, hemline below the knee) in rich colors; huge belts – the central accessory to underline the waist; colored gorgeous high wedges; huge vivid printed totes.

What about those original stripy hats?

Just beautiful!

New bag in town

I like the elegance, style and materials of the handbags presented by Miu Miu during the SS 2012 Collection. This burgundy velvet above and the same pattern navy handbag below were my favorites! (source here)

Ellie Saab did also decide to go for the same pattern, “back to school” handbags or, as I like to name them, Paddington bear bags :D.

Colorblocking handbag by Marc Jacobs – Resort 2012 collection. This is a nice bag, isn’t it!? (source here)

I like about Chloe not only that the images of the 2012 Resort Collection were taken on the street or that they chose the collection to be put on show by Jacquelyn Jablonski, one of my favorite model, but the handbags, though not revolutionary, are just simple and fabulous (source here). And a little bit of snakeskin on pink with orange and on green!

This last two handbags that I wanted to share are also Chloe’s 2012 Resort Collection (source here and here).

New Obsession

Discovered on Friday, 2th of September.

Place: H&M

What? The suede fabric became instantly a new obsession. Check out this amazing suede dress (source here).

But it is not just me. Someone else chose this fine fabric for the Fall collection! Let me show you 😉

Emilio Pucci choose a pair of pants in an unusual color and a suede fabric. You already know that I am a huge fan of bright colors and the Fall and its brown and beige and gray can not stop me! So, I am totally in love with this fuchsia suede skinny pants, wide but tight on the waist. Because this Fall is about the multiple shape of pants, you just have to purchase your favorite type of pants and make it the outfit’s star! Aaaa, and don’t forget: the high heels are mandatory!

What about this suede khaki skirt? Its helm may be over the knees and the waist high, but the effect of this is still mesmerizing. If you decided to go for skirt and blouse or skirt and coat, try to maintain the same tone as Emilio Pucci did with this outfit.