Spring and Shoes

Happy, happy Friday! Today I had some outdoor activity and had the chance to say hello to the spring weather outside. What a wonderful start of the weekend! Also, my US boots arrived this week and I realized the leather is too smooth and more appropriate for this “springish” weather, so I am not disappointed at all that they arrived ten days later than estimated ’cause I could not wear them one month ago when we had -20 degrees here in Bucharest.

And speaking about boots, let’s admire some shoes today! Also, today I am going to buy another shoes closet, one is just not enough for my shoes addiction, wink!

Hmmm…too small!?

Too many styles of shoes? I know!!!

Source: 1,4&7  Sea of shoes

2,5&6 The cherry blossom girl

3 Oscar de la Renta


My Hat

I have already mentioned my admiration for the Great Gatsby and Daisy’s hats. I think I just put an end to my inner self search when speaking about hats: the 20’s are the best of.

Yeee, yeee, of course I still love that H&M burgundy hat (I eventually purchased one yesterday even though everybody has it, but it was on sale, what to do? wink), but my dream will come true when this type of hat is going to lay down in my closet. Where would I wear it? Well, I guess I’ll find a proper event for that precious!

So, below I present you Daisy Buchanan walking on Oscar de la Renta’s podium, wink!


Nineteen Forty Something…

Don’t you just love admiring really old editorials or covers of the famous magazines?! Cause I do! Can you imagine that there was life, I mean fashion life back in 1945 (let’s say)? Really? With the II WW and all, some people were really designing clothes and others photographing beautiful women?

Well, it seams that the answer is: of course! And another thing: do you see how much the nowadays fashion is inspired by back then fashion? Do you? Of course you do! We had a SS 2011 full of 70s! I posted yesterday a collection FW 2011/2012 full of 50s. So, our grandmas wore almost the same clothes as we do today. I said almost! Enjoy!

Vogue 1957











Vogue US 1942 and Vogue UK 1945  


Vogue 1945 – Oscar de la Renta


OK, first rainy cold autumn day here! Do not panic! Do not! You have your Hunter boots (have to purchase a polka dots umbrella, too :D)!!!

No, no, no, I won’t speak about weather, I want to say something else, about my today dreaming: fluid, silky, strapless or just one shoulder or two sleeves gowns, full of color and with a mandatory front split! I don’t know which one is my favorite: maybe I’ll stick to this Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 (first image) because this emerald is the perfect color (at least for me)! I also bookmarked those Ellie Saab (second and third picture) when I first saw the spring/summer 2011 collection. But I am sure that purple layered chiffon gown (last image) will be noticed and become a favorite gown for someone. Who claims that title? Who?


I was telling Rachel yesterday when I saw her blog post about the sunny days (yeey, in Australia summer is about to arrive) that my brain does not want to remember the summer anymore, he just understood that the winter is coming (did you read the trilogy A Song of Ice and Fire? if you had, you know what I mean, if not, just do it, it is one of the most amazing fictions!). But somehow, after some rainy and cloudy days, today the sun was generous with us. So, my office was warmer and full of light than ever!

And I said: hey, the sun did not agree with your yesterday comment! Come on! Cheer up with some solar outfits! Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but today my clothes are all about brown and beige and grey! Enjoy!

I told you I’ll come back with some Oscar de la Renta pieces I liked (photo 3,4 and 5)! And this “Gossip Chic” hat of Anya Caliendo is a splendor (photo 6)! The illustration (photo 2) is made by David Downton (but we will speak about him later on) and the bold outfit in the first picture is worn by an Australian girl (here).