Shoemaking Art

Due to my new shoes closet bought this weekend, I am still feeling like Cinderella! No, I did not loose any shoes and no white knight found it, but I could speak forever about shoes. So, imagine yourself being as famous as Marlene Dietrich or Elizabeth Taylor! Where will your shoes be designed? I’m telling you where: at Massaro! Apparently it all starts with a meeting and a discussion, “where the client references images and inspiration, then their foot is measured and a wooden last.Three meetings, three weeks (or, sometimes three months!) and 30 hours later, the masterpiece is complete.” Your own tailor-made shoes!

At Massaro, fourteen skilled men and women, together with their young apprentices carry on the tradition of craftsmanship, preserve the lost art of shoemaking and produce the famous shoes for Chanel’s haute couture. So, if you want to admire the timeless collection of Chanel shoes, Massaro is the right place as they keep all the shoes ever made for Chanel, including Coco’s original two-tone sandals.

This is the iconic shoe created by Massaro for Coco Chanel in 1957. Rejecting the stiletto heels that were in vogue at the time, Chanel advocated the small 6 cm heel; the beige kidskin upper lengthened the leg, whilst a black satin toe made the foot appear smaller. The back strap has some room because when women walked all day their feet would swell up. It was really designed for women. Anything that Coco Chanel developed was really catered to women’s needs.

So, “Massaro is the only name that is allowed to be stitched into the shoe next to Chanel’s“.

Massaro has done everything from the extremely avant-garde to the classic tweed pump”

“Silver lamé runway beauties” together with some of Karl’s sketches: “Every season with Chanel, Karl sketches a total look – everyone from Lesage embroidery to Massaro will really work with the sketch. It’s an ongoing conversation between the studio, the atelier and Massaro to really bring to life what Karl wanted out of the sketch. Then, it’s the same process as with a private customer and they start with samples.”

I only once had my shoes tailor made for me and that was a special dance shoe for my tango class, but we all have to agree that I can not compare that experience with a Massaro one!

Source: The Coveteur

About shoes…again

Daca tot veni primavara, am inceput si eu o curatenie acerba in debara printre cutiile de pantofi :D. Trebuie sa recunosc ca in ceea ce priveste pantofii, sunt foarte atenta la modalitatea de depozitare, respectiv pastrez cutia fiecarei perechi achizitionate, am grija sa ii aranjez in cutie si sa ii invelesc in hartia care ii protejeaza, mai ales pe cei din piele intoarsa  care, dupa parerea mea, sunt cei mai frumosi, dar si cei mai “fragili”.

In acest context, m-am gandit sa vin cu niste propuneri de pantofi, de toate formele, culorile si categoriile!




Must Have-uri – Shoes

Dupa ce am dezbatut, la modul general, ce linii, culori si materialele purtam anul acesta pentru a fi in trend, mi-am propus sa vin cu o lista a Must Have-urilor din garderoba noastra.

Designerii, in colectiile lor, vin cu foarte multe idei si fiecare dintre noi avem posibilitatea de a alege ce ne place si, mai ales, ce ne avantajeaza! Asta inseamna ca daca nu ne place un material, un imprimeu, o culoare sau nu ne avantajeaza un model, nu le vom purta doar de dragul trend-ului. Nici vorba! Nu sunt de acord!

Asa cum reiese si din titlu, voi incepe cu un prim post de Must Have-uri pentru primavara lui 2011 tratand subiectul pantofi! In opinia mea, acestia sunt esentiali si desavarsesc tinuta noastra, in plus noua, fetelor, ce ne mai plac pantofii, nu? Designerii ne indeamna sa alegem pentru primavara aceasta 70’s chunky platforms (ha, ce-s astia??? 😉 sunt platforme inspirate din moda anilor ’70), indiferent ca suntem in blugi sau in rochie, casual sau elegant! Platformele sunt o alternativa la pantofii inalti si incomozi si nici nu renuntam la centimetri. 😉

Am ales ca exemple platforme inspirate din anii ’70 de toate culorile si pentru toate buzunarele! (in ordine: Gucci, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, Guess, Marc Jacobs, D&G si J. Crew).

Si acum sa vedem cum asorteaza actritele: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester si Blake Lively aceste platforme. Trebuie sa recunosc ca am facut o pasiune pentru stilul vestimentar al acestora.

Sursa aici.