Shoemaking Art

Due to my new shoes closet bought this weekend, I am still feeling like Cinderella! No, I did not loose any shoes and no white knight found it, but I could speak forever about shoes. So, imagine yourself being as famous as Marlene Dietrich or Elizabeth Taylor! Where will your shoes be designed? I’m telling you where: at Massaro! Apparently it all starts with a meeting and a discussion, “where the client references images and inspiration, then their foot is measured and a wooden last.Three meetings, three weeks (or, sometimes three months!) and 30 hours later, the masterpiece is complete.” Your own tailor-made shoes!

At Massaro, fourteen skilled men and women, together with their young apprentices carry on the tradition of craftsmanship, preserve the lost art of shoemaking and produce the famous shoes for Chanel’s haute couture. So, if you want to admire the timeless collection of Chanel shoes, Massaro is the right place as they keep all the shoes ever made for Chanel, including Coco’s original two-tone sandals.

This is the iconic shoe created by Massaro for Coco Chanel in 1957. Rejecting the stiletto heels that were in vogue at the time, Chanel advocated the small 6 cm heel; the beige kidskin upper lengthened the leg, whilst a black satin toe made the foot appear smaller. The back strap has some room because when women walked all day their feet would swell up. It was really designed for women. Anything that Coco Chanel developed was really catered to women’s needs.

So, “Massaro is the only name that is allowed to be stitched into the shoe next to Chanel’s“.

Massaro has done everything from the extremely avant-garde to the classic tweed pump”

“Silver lamé runway beauties” together with some of Karl’s sketches: “Every season with Chanel, Karl sketches a total look – everyone from Lesage embroidery to Massaro will really work with the sketch. It’s an ongoing conversation between the studio, the atelier and Massaro to really bring to life what Karl wanted out of the sketch. Then, it’s the same process as with a private customer and they start with samples.”

I only once had my shoes tailor made for me and that was a special dance shoe for my tango class, but we all have to agree that I can not compare that experience with a Massaro one!

Source: The Coveteur




When I saw this image of Jane from Sea of Shoes, I was sure that this is the autumn sublime mood for me! Not only that lace vintage dress of hers and that romantic flower coronet, but the fur vest is one of my favorite cold season piece!

So, in the second image is my attempt to somehow “re-make” her mademoiselle splendid look!

Here is the list of the pieces I choose: cotton lace dress by Chloe, Hunter boots, Lanvin clutch, Yves Saint Laurent gold plated ring; fur vest by Hockley, Isabel Marant long gloves, Monsoon wool hat.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Start Wearing Purple













Did I tell you that my new bathroom is light pink with purple? I don’t think I did. Well, me and purple we have a long history together. And I could not resist, the combination was just too perfect and now, I am so pleased with the design and everything. Well, I think the light pink is such an exquisite color, elegant and feminine and the contrast with dark purple is amazing.

I can’t stop looking at that Chanel dress in the second image, words can not describe what Karl Lagerfeld achieved by designing such a simple, yet elegant and amazing piece.

But enough with the Chanel’s reverie and let’s talk a little bit of Burberry  SS2012 collection! I think that this collection describes best the outfits that I like and are so close to my style: visually appealing being one of the characteristics of the clothes I want to purchase.

I was keen on the plain dresses or skirts (sometimes pleated, sometimes pencil, hemline below the knee) in rich colors; huge belts – the central accessory to underline the waist; colored gorgeous high wedges; huge vivid printed totes.

What about those original stripy hats?

Just beautiful!


This is a post for women only (as if there are a lot of men reading my blog :D)! I warned you, you can not say afterward I did not …  I want to speak today about colors. Even with the fashion week here, with the new fall appearances and fashion designers’ new pieces of art, I did not have time for it, I was just too deep into the touch of green and red and wondered if red and yellow go together on the walls of my new house. But it is almost over. I have never thought it is so difficult! Believe me, the three times changing in the morning before deciding what to wear is such an insignificant thing! And I was not alone!

I decided to start with this beautiful Christina Murphy (source here) bedroom because after this last month, I decided to transform my blog into a home design blog ;)! Nooooo! Just kidding, wink.

After studying different options for the bedroom’s color, finally, I decided (well, not by myself):P to stick to a great love: green. My opinion, as a colors great “connoisseur”, not! is that there are two categories of green: yellow-green and  blue-green.  I was always more into blue-green/turquoise and trying to decide, all of a sudden I remembered to have read on Rachel’s blog  about the “mint”. Yeah, the mint! Insane beautiful color! It really draw my attention a couple of months ago in London when I could not decide what  Hunter  boots color to buy – eventually I choose  green  (a darker mint, wink) over red…

So, I decided to choose some mint outfits that I saw during the fashion week (I lied earlier about not having time for it :D).

Look what Carolina Herrera chose for the SS2012 collection! Just adore both the casual blouse and the scarf!And pay attention! I almost never wear blouses! I always preferred shirt and vest or knitwear dresses over blouses! (source here)

This Carolina Hererra’s dress is for me the example of beautiful simplicity and genuineness! (source here)

Diane von Furstenberg chose to match the mint shirt with light gray coat and mustard pants. Just perfect. I think Ada will love the snake clutch! 😉 (souce here)

Another Diane von Furstenberg outfit! I love the casual tank look!

Rochas sparkling gown! (source here)

Even if Lanvin had a thing for black, I found some beautiful colored and silky dresses. (source here)

But Chanel pieces of art could not miss! (source here)

Feathers, pearls belt and silvery with mint embroideries gown!OMG!

This coat looks so cozy and chic and the pearls replace the buttons! Isn’t this a miracle of Karl Lagerfeld!?

After a shallow look, I may say that Burberry SS 2012 was the best collection! But I will come back with other impressions now that the house is almost over :D!

Feeling Blue

O noua culoare a intrat in topul preferintelor mele! Nu a ajuns pe locul intai, fiindca intotdeauna verdele va ocupa un loc special in garderoba mea, dar a reusit sa ia locul doi in clasament in lupta contra violetului ;). Am mai spus inca de la inceputul anului ca ador combinatia de albastru electric cu verde! Eeee, era doar inceputul! Pe atunci nu banuiam cum aceasta culoare se va instala pe nesimtite in garderoba mea :).

Vad ca nici vedetele nu-l ocolesc! Doar ca la vedete e o chestiune de trend, de faptul ca designerii au insistat anul acesta pe culorile neon, iar pe albastru electric cu predilectie! La mine nu functioneaza asa: eu daca fac o pasiune pentru o anumita culoare, it is for a lifetime :).

Am ales cateva tinute cu care sa va delectati! Feeling blue today? 😉 Blake Lively este una dintre vedetele care straluceste in aceasta rochie Michael Kors, asortata absolut minunat cu o pereche de Louboutins violeti din piele intoarsa.

Si nu e singura data cand actrita cu ochi albastri – style icon-ul noii generatii, noua imagine Chanel, este surprinsa purtand albastru!Sa fie pentru ca ii pune ochii in evidenta?

Cred ca argumentul ochilor i se aplica si actritei Uma Thurman ;), luand in considerare fotografia de mai jos. Cu toate acestea, desi am vazut si Kill Bill si Pulp Fiction si mi-au placut foarte mult, n-am inteles niciodata marimea mainilor ei! Dar aceasta este o alta discutie, care nu are nicio legatura cu trendul ;)!

Si aceasta rochie asimetrica Emilio Pucci de mai jos a fost asortata de Blake Lively (sau mai bine spus de consilierul ei vestimentar) cu o pereche de pantofi mov. Hmmm…seems like a good idea ;). Totusi, prefer primele doua rochii ale lui Blake.

O alta vedeta care mie imi place foarte mult, Jessica Alba, a ales albastrul electric la decernarea premiilot BAFTA, mergand pe mana atelierului Versace! Si cine nu si-ar dori o asemenea mana? 😉 Si mi se pare mie sau colierul este o combinatie de verde cu albastru, iar inelul verde? 😉

Ca tot vorbeam de combinatia albastru cu verde, mai jos am ales o rochie Gucci care mie imi place, dar accesoriile alese de Kerry Washington includ mult prea mult auriu pentru gustul meu :(! Plicul imi place, dar as fi ales alti pantofi si alti cercei, clar!

Dar albastrul electric merge foarte bine si pentru o tinuta mai casual, cum sunt cele alese de Claudia Schiffer si Hillary Duff de mai jos.

Eeee, ce ziceti? Feeling blue already? 😀