This weekend will be about friendship. My girls have driven a long way to meet all here in Bucharest, so I can’t describe the joy of spending a couple of days together. I have not seen them since February when I flew to Vienna for a little reunion, wink! 

And I found a very nice quote that really comprises my thoughts about my two friends: “Even though we change and we’ve all found our place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or when the smile spreads across our face, we ‘ll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we’re not still be friends.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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I am totally a vintage bijoux fan. This one I found on Portobello Road in London and I was  tremendously happy. The color that this Instagram photo hides is green, a splendid green or how I like to call it, splendor of the grass.  At Sherlock Holmes Museum, I  also “bump into” some green earrings to match it, but they were really old and could not be fixed. I guess it is for the best as the two items together were too much.

Another reason to love vintage fairs: not only for discovering young and very talented Romanian designers. but to admire all kind of vintage jewels. So, who is in the mood for a vintage fair this weekend? Me, me, me!!!


I am very happy that one of my friends, young designer, is helping me with my mint dress for the college reunion I was (I think) telling you about. So, not only that she drew some sketches for me together with her teacher, but she is also helping me to find the perfect mint silk and have a splendid dress in the end…And I was speaking with her all morning about backless dresses and the perfect cut in order to match the shape of the back. “We are not all models, so I do not have a perfect back” I told her and she said: “Let me tell you something: skinny backs are not the best of, it depends on many other things, for example if you are a sportive person, than your back can be too wide or if you have wide hips, that the cut has to stop above your hips”.  So, what do you want to see when you are looking at a person wearing a backless dress? Or do you like backless dresses?

Have a lovely weekend! I’ll see you on Wednesday as I’m having a long weekend, we are celebrating in Romania the 1st of May – the Working Day (by not working, wink)!

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Now this is why I want to live in Amsterdam or in a small town in Netherlands…kind of cold though, but if I can ride a bike on my way to work, dressed in a tulle skirt and have a basket full of flowers and cakes or maybe some butter croissants, I am happy to wear more layers. But until then, I’ll pay a visit to the market, buy some flowers for my home and admire my purple (of course) tulle skirt in the closet!

And speaking about dreams, I have another one: to visit Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi, Southern France, that was recently retraced and guests over 1000 works, pictures, lithographs, drawings, preparatory studies, including all 31 posters of the artist.

Do you have a dream town, city or place that you would really like to visit? I wish you a wonderful day and don’t forget: a girl is allowed to dream, wink!

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I “bumped” into this editorial with Mila and I realized that it describes so well what I need:  some lazy  and sunny days in the mountains and no deadlines attached! Of course I’ll take my lace items and leggings with me! Not such a good idea, hmmm?!

I hope you miss me last week, I am sorry, but I had to prepare my future: some applications, cover letters, you know, wink! And I felt that I have to give the best of me, so my blog suffered a little, but I am back now! What’s new? I know that some of us have already celebrated the Easter, well,  I hope you had some fabulous and sunny days with your dearest ones!

With my last week activity, I realized I have no clue what I am going to cook on Friday except for a yammy cheesecake! Maybe you can come with some special recipes, please?

But I know for sure what I am going to wear! As you can see, I am an incredible awesome housekeeper! I had some time for shopping, you caught me! And I have also attended a vintage fair last weekend where I have discovered some young girls, fashion designers. I really liked their unique handmade clothes and I am going to share with you some of my favorites: La Chatterie (here I found a lovely pink t-shirt, very soft and that can be worn in the office, but also on a casual day, but there are also other items on her website) and Fe[Male]  (a lovely backless silk green blouse rapidly became my choice, but they have some other great and interesting items).

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