Waiting for the summer…

I really did envy the Melbourne weather yesterday! Didn’t you? Yes, I also watched the Australian Open  final and hoped for Rafa to win… What to do at -10 degrees? Stay indoors, read a good magazine and a fiction book, cook something with arugula (salad is not cooking?what? well, I did some pasta, too, but not for me! I eat healthy, still!), drink some hot spicy tea (with some homemade cheesecake aside, no!!!) and of course dreaming of my future holiday. So, because it is going to be on February, I decided to buy something not to freeze to death (except for the coat, of course)! And I choose again United Colors of Benetton (even though I was a little disappointed in the fall with the new collection, apparently they changed something and the winter knitted pieces are a delight! and so warm!)

I am still trying to win the contest and that floral print dress from Chotronette, so please those of you who have facebook, please click like here!


Passion for Pearls!

Aren’t pearls a wonder of nature? Not only the way the pearls form themselves, but also the effects of them on any outfit! Me? I prefer long pearls necklace!

After writing this post, I (accidentally) watched (again) Woodie Allen’s movie, “You will meet a tall dark stranger” and tried today to find a photo with the scene when Greg (Antonio Banderas) ask her assistant (Sally) to decide between a pair of diamonds earrings (very expensive) and a pair of pearl earrings (less expensive, if we can say that 15.000 pounds is a minor expense). Sally goes for the diamonds and that is the moment when (I think) Sally dreams of a romance with her boss (maybe because of the amount of money spend for a pair of diamonds earrings, women!!!), due to its sensitiveness. But in the end, the diamonds go to Greg’s wife, the pearls to Greg’s new lover (Sally’s protegee and painter that exhibits her works in Greg’s gallery) and Sally decides to open her own gallery. Well, I didn’t intend to emphasize a conclusion after watching the movie, just wanted to underline the fact that I liked those pearl earrings very much and did not find a photo of them on the internet! Too bad!

 So, long pearl necklace and long pearl earrings for me, please!

Dream Garden Contest

Do you remember I was telling you a couple of weeks ago about my dream vintage green dress? Well, I was lying! Ok, no, 50% lie, 50% true! Because I have already ordered the dress and the girls from Chotronette (very talented and full of wonderful ideas) will be sending it to me as soon as possible.

So, let’s have a glimpse of my future vintage green dress:

But today I wanted to speak about a little contest: Chotronette is giving away a beautiful flower print dress provided that you comply with the following conditions:

1. You have to be a fan of the facebook page Chotronette;

2. You have to post on the wall of Chotronette facebook page an image with the garden of your dreams;

3. You have to gather as many likes as you can;

4. You receive points if you have a profile image with Chotronette’s amazing dresses or if you post on your personal blog the contest (if you have any other contest promoting ideas except for profile image or personal blog, you can do it);

5. You can post only one dream garden image on Chotronette’s facebook page.

The contest will take place between 23-01-2012 and 23-02-2012.
And this is the floral print dress you can win:

Good luck!

Healthy Foodie


I was never a big fan of healthy food, I always enjoyed fried fries and pasta, pizza, etc  and the sport was not on the top of my list  was always a fan of healthy food and sport, wink. So, trying to discover new and new recipes to transform my breakfast (which until one year ago, was full of omlette and butter)  into a day by day delight, I tried different things!

I know I’m not telling you something new, maybe some of you have already discovered this recipe, but I am loving the youghurt, cereals, honey, nuts and cinnamon combination! And tha da da da…it is healthy foodie! Sometimes I like to add a fruit like apple (you know: cinnamon and apple…yammy), sometimes bananas or pineapple (pineapple is by far my favorite fruit!)

I also enjoy the almond, Brazilian and macadamia nuts, but lately I heard that the nuts are the healthiest! Food for the brain, some say it!

And a bowl like this for breakfast is full of energy (less calories though), perfect for the Saturday morning when I go to gym (even for kangoo or spinning even though most of the times I choose pilates class that is lighter)!

The Lioness…

I was so glad to have discovered these photos! Would you fancy a visit on 31 Rue Cambon, Paris to see where the fashion diva of all times created “our legacy”?

Yes, Coco Chanel she was a lion and, some say, extremely superstitious because she had a lot of lucky statuette in her apartment.

I just love how she used the old French furniture with Japanese and Chinese decorations.

How about the rouge book shelf and the famous white chair? Grandiose!

And the Chanel no. 5 chandelier because she believed in the healing powers of crystal.

So, who’s buying a plane ticket to Paris, wink?

Source here

The man who knew too much …about vintage

Some like it hot, some like it vintage… me? I like it green and vintage, but about my green and vintage dress another time.

I know you did not understand a thing. Well, let me be a little bit more clear: this post is about my passion for old movies and fashion. Last week  (yes, the holidays for me were all about the new house and movies, tones of movies) I saw The Man Who Knew too Much, an Alfred Hitchcock 1956 adventure mystery thriller that I very much enjoyed, about two American tourists vacationing in Morocco, Doris Day – one of the famous director’s blonds, however some say that Grace Kelly was Hitchcock’s first choice, but she had other contracts at that moment – and Jimmy Stewart – other opinions were that the relationship between Doris and Jimmy was not so intense as the case would have been if Grace had been his movie partner . But I liked it!

And now back to fashion: I loved one particular outfit of Doris due to its simplicity: a light blue dress together with a big straw hat and a perfect white handbag!Me? Liking a simple outfit? Yep! Apparently I am growing up, wink!

Isn’t this white bag a wonder?